How to Tour Hargrave Military Academy

A privately-run boarding school, the Hargrave Military Academy is the right place if you want to pursue military education. However, if you still haven’t decided about it and are thinking of enrolling, visiting the academy first will help you understand how good the place is and how it will benefit you in your pursuit of a military career.

The Hargrave Military Academy is affiliated with Baptist General Association of Virginia. The academy can be a perfect choice if you want your religious interest to grow further, as the school places a greater emphasis on Christian values.  Make a tour to the school and try to get as much information as you can.


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    Visit the official website

    Nothing is better than visiting the official website of Hargrave Military Academy if you are planning to make a physical tour. The website is surely not a substitute for a tour in person, but you can get a rough idea of what the school offers and how it can benefit you if pursue a military career in the future.

    The official website of the academy is Visit the website and note down as much information as you can for future references. The website has a section entitled 'Visit'. This section of the website can give you every information about the tour - both physical and virtual one.

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    Fill out an online form

    The website requires you fill out an online form to book a tour with the Academy. You are not allowed to tour the school without prior permission from the school administration. The online form is titled “Plan a Visit to Hargrave Military Academy” and you can also find it via Google search if you are having trouble locating the link on the main website of the academy.

    The form is simple and asks you to provide basic information like your name, home address, the day you want to visit, etc.

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    Submit request and wait for a positive response

    Once you have filled out the form and sent it, wait for a few hours and the academy officials will get back to you with a mail confirming that they have received your request for the visit and will inform you about approval shortly.

    Generally, it takes the academy admin a couple of hours to inform you of the approval of visit, but it may take a bit longer.  You can also get in touch with the admin via phone. Contact the admission office 800-432-2480 if you are planning a private campus visit.

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