How to Be Ready for Back to School

When the summer days are about to end, it is time for you to be ready for back to school. Instead of waiting for the last day, you should start preparing for your classes few weeks before. Be organized; you definitely do not want to forget anything on your first day back to school.

Things Required:

– Textbooks, reference books
– School supplies
– New clothes
– School/ college information


  • 1

    Jolt down the tasks for preparation of back to school

    You need to note down all the tasks you need for back-to-school preparation. You might want to get new registers, stationary, visit the school, meet school officials, get new text and reference books, purchase new clothes, get registration of classes done etc. There is a huge possibility that you will not be able to get all the tasks done, but to make sure that nothing extremely important is missed, make a priority check list.

  • 2

    Make yourself academically ready

    Make sure that you have completed all your home work for the summers and are well versed in every subject. Summer is a good time to build a strong foundation for the whole academic year.

  • 3

    Plan the wardrobe

    Make sure you know what is the uniform code in your school so you can buy new trousers, shirts, sneakers, sweaters, skirts etc accordingly, if required. In case your school does not have any dress code, then you need to plan your wardrobe. Instead of buying all new dresses, check out which ones still fit you and are fashionable at the same time.

  • 4

    Adjust your bedtime

    During the vacations, it is natural for children to adopt a leisurly routine, in which waking up late at night and playing various games is a must.

    However, it is advisable for you to move your bedtime early two weeks before start of the school. Through this, you will develop habit of waking up early.

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