How to Start a Preschool Co-Op

A Preschool Cooperative is where a couple of families get together and form their own preschool for their children. Parents are often left with no choice except to start their own Preschool Cooperative because of the overcrowded public schools. In contrast, private schools offer better services than public schools but they are too costly for a majority of families. Follow some simple guidelines to help you start a Preschool Co-Op.


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    Identify families that are interested in preschool co-op

    The first thing that you will want to do is identify the families that are interested in preschool cooperative. Here, you might find it hard to locate them but if you talk to your friends and family members to spread the word around, it will definitely become easier for you. Not to mention, there are plenty of families that face similar problems and will be interested in forming a preschool co-op. If you are unlucky, you can also give ads in the newspaper, magazines or social media as this will help you get in touch with the families that are interested in the initiative.

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    Arrange a meeting

    After you get response from numerous families, it is advised that you should choose a date, time and location to call all of these families for a meeting. It is important that you give everybody a chance to speak and listen to their views very carefully. Not to mention, you should discuss the initiative from every possible angle and try to formulate a rough outline for the activities, schedules and duties.

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    List down the services

    Now, you should start listing down the services that are to be performed by every participant. It is important that you give relevant duties to the people according to their area of interest and capabilities. For example, a senior citizen might be handy when it comes to babysitting the children but as far as the playing and creativity is concerned, a teenager can be really helpful.

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    Spread copies of the co-op information

    Before starting, you must make sure that every family involved has a copy of the detailed information that is to be followed during the preschool cooperative otherwise you will have management issues.

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