How to Act Like a Spy at School

Are you one of those who religiously follow spy movies and suspense thrillers, and idealise characters like James Bond or Jason Bourne?

Do you want to be or at least act like a spy and impress your buddies at school?

There is no doubt in that you can enjoy acting like a secret spy but you will have to put an extra effort to be undetectable and unnoticeable. This can be easy in a larger school but you will have to keep couple of important things in mind while acting in a school where there are not many students to blend in with.


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    Be observant:

    The most important thing a spy should have is sharp observation. You must develop your skills and apply them in daily life. Try to notice trivial things, give special attention to small details and try to dig out facts from others’ general talk. Moreover, you must be able to react sharply and turn even the worst situation in your favour.

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    Blend in with community:

    While acting like a spy, you must know how to be insignificant and avoid others attention in the school. Just be a regular guy and nobody will be able to identify you in the community. The best way to extract maximum information is to stay around people and have a simple relation with them.

    Being a spy, you cannot afford to be an extrovert so just maintain a low profile and keep gathering useful information.

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    Be a master of disguise:

    To act impeccably, you must have the ability to disguise effectively. For this, you will have to spend few bucks to buy costumes, makeup, accessories etc. However, make sure that your appearance is not unusual as it can draw anybody’s attention and you will not be able to act like a spy at your school.

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    Do Not Use Alias:

    While talking to strangers, you should never tell your real name, rather use an alias. This is like the basic rule of spying, but once at a school, you simply cannot afford to do that. Being a student, you will be exposed one time or another, should you opt to use a fake name.

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    Know how to hide:

    Last but not the least; you must know how to make yourself scarce. Do not use disguising tools frequently otherwise you will get caught.

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