Top 10 Best Acting Schools of the World

No one can talk down the importance of training in a profession like acting. While you must have your own style of performance, formal training can help you understand your characters and do justice to them.

You will find many acting schools around but you must do your research before getting admission. Mostly, these art institutions charge a significant amount of money but do not equip their students with proper skills.

However, there are a few institutions that are not only economical but also reputable for providing the best acting classes.


  • 1

    London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts:

    This two hundred-year-old art school is famous for offering its students three and two-year courses in acting. This historic school is affiliated with the University of Kent and many people have excelled in this field after getting a degree from this institution. Anthony Head, Donald Sutherland and Colin Baker are a few names that have been part of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

  • 2

    American Repertory Institute:

    This art academy was started by the American Repertory theatre and the purpose was to prepare professional artists through a proper system. This school also organises three-month training programmes in Eastern Europe and Russia. This institution specialises in running 2-year MFA programme.

  • 3

    Birmingham school of acting:

    This performing arts school was established in 1963 and in a short span of time it has gained a respectable position in the world. This academy offers a Bachelor's degree in Arts (BA) and a Master's degree in Acting (MA). Tom Selleck, Sophia Bush and Kelly Preston are a few names who have attended this college.

  • 4

    American conservatory theatre:

    While this art school is less known, it has polished great actors like Denzel Washington, Nicolas Cage and Teri Hatcher. This acting school not only offers a 3-year MFA degree but it also gives its students the opportunity to perform on stage.

  • 5

    Guildhall School:

    This 300-year-old art academy is undoubtedly one of the best acting schools in the world. Its famous alumni consists of Orlando Bloom, Daniel Craig and Evan McGregor. Guildhall school also has a huge theatre setup to give its students real acting experience.

  • 6

    NYU Tisch School of Arts:

    This school of arts is affiliated with New York University and is one of the premium acting school in the United States. This institution offers a four-year undergraduate programme and a two-year master's degree. Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Whoopi Goldberg, Alec Baldwin and Adam Sandler are a few names from this institute that have made their mark in Hollywood.

  • 7

    Royal Scottish Academy:

    Royal Scottish Academy is a prime performing arts academy that has produced artists like Alan Cumming, David Tennant and James Mcavoy. This school not only equips its students with proper acting skills but also ensures that they get a chance to showcase their talent.

  • 8

    Yale School of drama:

    This school offers a Master's degree in Fine Arts along with many short courses on acting. It is known for producing quality performers like Meryl Streep, Paul Newman and Sigourney Weaver.

  • 9

    The Oxford School of Drama:

    This institution is undoubtedly the best performing arts academy in the UK. It offers several programmes, including a 3-year undergraduate course, a one-year acting course and a six-month foundation course.

  • 10

    Juilliard School of Drama:

    With a Grammy and Oscar winning faculty, this school is considered the best performing arts academy of the world. Established in 1905 in New York, the institute has considerable experience which enables it to run some of the best programmes throughout the academic session.

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