How to Launch a New Christian High School

The best way of serving humanity is by educating people. There are numerous ways of doing so, but the best one is to start a high school. However, you need to make sure that children get both the modern and religious education simultaneously, so that they can contribute to a peaceful society.

Opening a Christian high school may not seem to be the most difficult task, but you have to take care of a lot of things. You will need a lot of hard work in order to get things done and then you will have to convince people to send their children to your school.


  • 1

    Find an ideal location

    You will have to look for an ideal location for a school. If there is no Christian high school in your surroundings, you can take the initiative and involve some people from your society, who can help your cause.

  • 2

    Start school in a church

    If you don’t have the resources to start a Christian school separately, you can get some help from a church. Visit some local churches in your area to find out, if you can get some space to start your project. You will definitely get a lot of help and once you start the mission, you can gradually expand it.

  • 3

    Get help from volunteers

    There will be a lot of people looking to help you in this noble cause. Some of them might help you with the finances whereas others will also contribute in one way or the other. For example, if someone is not that financially strong, he/she might offer you services either temporarily or permanently.

  • 4

    Determine your budget

    Once you have done some initial working, determine a budget for your school. This way, you will be able to execute things in a much better way.

  • 5

    Begin enrolment of students

    Once you have planned everything and started working on the school, start enrolling students according to your capacity. Give ads about your Christian school in newspapers, magazines and billboards. You can also get help from nearby churches in order to attract more students.

  • 6

    Raise funds

    Initial investment will not be enough for you to run the Christian school, so raise some funds to run the project smoothly. You can ask help from your friends and family members in this regard.

  • 7

    Recruit staff

    Finally, you can recruit staff for your school. Consult with the teachers to select a curriculum and start the classes.

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