Difference Between IIS and Apache

Many think and believe that Internet information system and Apache which are actually software foundations are similar, but they are quite different from each other. Before we go to the difference, you will need to understand that both have different frame of work and also have quite a different mechanism. The Apache, better known as HTTP’s product, provide servers with a secure path while it was basically found to give a unique path to give you secure internet services while the other, IIS is developed by Microsoft to provide assistance to their operating system as well as host internet services.


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    In most countries of North America and Europe, the Apache server is more common and also very popular among many leading technological valleys. You need to know that Apache most widely used product is HTTP server. Many say that it is very secure path and people from all over the world like Europe to Asia now trust and use HTTP services. Due to the fact as it is free, that is also a main reason why Apache is so popular. It is also free in many web server solutions called LAMP Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP.

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    On the other hand, IIS is basically from Microsoft and you need to understand that as it is from technology giant Microsoft as it is not free and you need to pay a certain amount to have it for your server or for securing it. This server service ran on Microsoft Windows OS. Many can also install it free but still the operating system of Windows will cost you quite a bit. Now in many countries around the world this server is getting popular as to use it is very easy. Many people are already familiar with Windows operating system as it gives them clear advantage of using it. It is also important to know that IIS is for example, for dedicated staff and their different kinds of problems which arise related with server issues. As ISS is from the same company which found the Windows operating system that is why you will have fewer problems using it.

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