How to Write an Editorial for School

Editorial is a kind of writing in which an individual express his or her opinion about a particular issue. However, it is different from essay writing. In essay writing, you just have to write your opinion about something. Your views can be in favour of an argument, against it or neutral. On the other hand, in editorial writing, you have to either support an issue or you just have to oppose it because you can’t be impartial in it. If you are looking forward to write an editorial for your school, you can take assistance from the given steps.


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    First of all, you have to select an issue. Usually, there are many topics available to write an editorial for a school. You have to choose a topic on which you can take a clear stand. You should remember that you don’t have to present all the angles of the issue because you are not writing an essay. You must decide your stance that whether you are in favour of the statement or you are against it. It is extremely important for you to select a topic about which you can make a clear perspective in your mind, otherwise you will be wandering astray.

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    After selecting your topic and viewpoint, you have to work on creating the most influential writing style for that topic which can have a great impact on the minds of readers. Some topics are serious and you have to express your perspective in a serious manner while some can be discussed in a humorous way because of their comic nature.

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    In order to make your argument effective, you have to use your words and sentences very prudently. It is better to include emotions in your writing with which you can create an everlasting impression on your reader’s mind.

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    It will be great if you include some facts and figures to support your viewpoint in your editorial. However, you will have to include the reference for all your facts which you quote from any other party.

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    You should not use difficult vocabulary to express your viewpoint. Furthermore, you have to create simple compositions of words which can be easily understood by your fellow students. In addition, don’t use lengthy sentences or long paragraphs because it doesn’t look nice and creates problems for the reader to comprehend quickly.

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