Top 10 Business Schools in the World

Studying in one of the best business schools gives you a great advantage over other people. Nowadays, it is extremely important to get your degree from a very good business school so that you have a clear advantage over other people who are competing with you for a certain position in a company.

If you are a qualified graduate from a renowned university, many companies will be looking to hire you because of the skill level and talent you possess. Most of the world’s best business schools exist in United States of America. There are a few from Europe as well.


  • 1

    Stanford Graduate School of Business- Stanford University

    The Stanford Graduate School of Business was founded in the year 1925 and is located in Stanford, California. The school is ranked 2nd on the Forbes list this year with US News giving it a number 1 ranking.

  • 2

    Harvard School of Business- Harvard University

    Harvard Business School is located in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It is ranked number 1 on the Forbes list and US News while Business Week gave it a number 2 rank.

  • 3

    The Wharton School- University of Pennsylvania

    The Wharton School is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United Stated and is the country’s oldest business school. It is ranked 3rd by Business Week and US News and 4 for Forbes.

  • 4

    MIT Sloan School of Management

    MIT Sloan School of Management is another school from Massachusetts. It is located in Cambridge and is the business division of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is ranked 10th by Forbes and Business Week and 4th by US News.

  • 5

    London Business School

    London Business School is the first business school on the list from Europe. It is located in London, England, and is ranked as the number one school outside of the United States by Forbes.

  • 6

    Booth School of Business- University of Chicago

    Booth School of Business is located in Chicago, Illinois, United States. It was ranked as the number one business school in US by Business Week last year. Forbes and US News gave it a 3rd and 4th rank respectively.

  • 7

    Columbia Business School- Columbia University

    The Columbia Business School is located in Manhattan, New York, United States. The school is ranked 5th by Forbes and 9 by Business Week.

  • 8

    Kellogg School of Management- Northwestern University

    The Kellogg School of Management is located in Evanston, Illinois, United States. It was  ranked 4th by US News and Business Week last year.

  • 9


    INSEAD is located in the city of Fontainebleau in France and is regarded as one of the best European business schools. It is ranked as the number 1 non-US business school by Business Week.

  • 10

    London School of Economics

    London School of Economics is located in London, England, and is the second institution from London on the list. It was ranked number 9 on the list of best business schools last year.

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