How to Decorate a School Locker

Students usually do not give importance to their school lockers and make them look like a mess of books and other school assignments. Did you ever think to make a statement by having a unique school locker? If not, then it’s never late to start decorating your locker.

This will not only help you to organise things but you will be able to reuse these items later. Do not worry, if you have a limited budget as decorating your school locker requires very little money. Using some planning and creative thinking, you can make your school locker look really good.


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    Make space for books and other things:

    First, you should take everything out of your school locker and categorise it. This will help you in making extra space for your books and other important items. Most of the time, the lockers are filled with useless or unnecessary books and school assignments. Pack all these things in a bag and take them back home. Categorise the remaining items and then allocate space according to their usage and importance.

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    Stick a mirror inside:

    You can make your school locker look better by adding a mirror in it. Fix it on the backside of your locker’s door and make sure that it stays put.

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    Paste the magazine cuttings:

    Another thing you can do is to get cuttings from your favourite magazines and paste them on the walls of your locker. However, make sure that you are pasting a reasonable number of cuttings. Moreover, pick the relevant material otherwise there will be no sense in pasting such items.

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    Paste pictures of your friends:

    The next important thing you should do is to paste the pictures of your friends in your school locker. Though, it is a nice gesture to have pictures of your close ones on the walls of your locker but you should not make it look like a photo gallery. Just two or three pictures are more than enough.

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    Place a white board:

    You should also consider a small white board to decorate your locker. It is a very useful item as you can write down things-to-do on this board. Adding a magnetic holder is a good idea as it can hold your phone and other stuff.

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    Decorate the locker from outside:

    You should also decorate the school locker from the outside. Consider stickers, logos or other printed items that give a statement about your personality.

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