How to Take Good Notes in Class

In order to become an exemplary student you must know the art of taking notes. Even though a few students would simply borrow notes from their friends, good students always tend to take notes on their own. The thing about borrowing notes is that at times you cannot understand the handwriting and there is also the case of understanding the flow. Here are a few ways which can help you take good notes while you are attending a lecture. You don’t have to write down everything, but make pointers so you can at least revise everything once you go through them.


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    A good student is always a good listener. Whenever you are trying to learn something, you must learn to listen. Stay quiet and if you have a talkative partner, change your seat. Simply listen to what the teacher has to say. Writing things down isn’t as important as understanding what you are writing down. Listen each and everything carefully and only then write.

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    Do not try to overburden yourself by writing more than it is required. If the teacher is giving you examples, it doesn’t mean that you write them down as well. They are presented to you so you can understand the concept. Simply note down all the key points above a certain topic. These points will serve as a summary once you are trying to revise your course. 

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    Creating your personal shorthand can help you jot down everything in an easier and quicker way. How is it quicker? You will know what it means and you can write certain words down which actually mean more than what they look like. For instance, some people would write ‘u’ instead of ‘you’. Others would even use ‘cuz’ instead of ‘because’. Even though the difference doesn’t look to be too much, but once you are writing down ten to twenty pages, these few letters which you skip will help you write quickly.

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    Try not to misplace your notes. At times people would not use a register but a folder with loose sheets to take their notes down. In this case, you should always compile them in the most perfect way possible. If you misplace a page from between two pages, it can cause a lot of problem for you. You will have to write things down all over again and maybe even have to ask someone for help. If you are opting for loose sheets, try not to misplace them and keep them together.

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