How to Find Peanut Free Birthday Treats for School

School children love to bring birthday treats to their schools and share them with their friends and classmates. The birthday treat sharing tradition can however turn dangerous given the issue of peanut allergy in children.

Children with peanut allergies can suffer life threatening reactions, even if they consume a small amount of peanut butter. Therefore, if you are creating a treat for your child to take to school, then you should seriously consider finding a peanut-free birthday treat.


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    You can find peanut-free birthday treats by going online and visiting one of the many peanut free stores that offer a large variety of peanut free snack. Look for individually sealed cups of pudding, gelatin, marshmallow cereal bars, fruit snacks, mini cereal boxes as possible birthday treats.

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    You can also consider going to the supermarket and look for the pre-packaged sweet treats from large food manufacturers who list allergens on their product labels. Many major food manufacturers have labelling policies that include the listing of top allergens, present in their products.

    In order to determine the accuracy of company's labelling practice, you should call the customer service phone number and discuss their guidelines. Ask for confirmation from a qualified representative that all allergens and cross contamination warnings are listed on a company's ingredients label before assuming a product is safe.

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    Consider talking to teachers about the appropriate birthday treat choices. Quite often, the parents of a child with a food allergy, such as a peanut allergy, will provide the school with a list of "safe" foods to make it easier for other parents to bring in a birthday treat that the whole class can enjoy, without fear of any dangerous allergic reaction(s).

    So, you can get a list of such food items, and then decide on the treat you feel will be liked by the children.

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    Discuss appropriate birthday treat choices with the parents of those students who have peanut allergies.

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    Stay away from bakery items. Peanuts and peanut residue is  prevalent in bakery goods and can be dangerous for anyone with a peanut allergy. Though, it may seem a bit out of tradition to celebrate a birthday without cupcakes or cake, this precaution will keep everyone safe in the classroom. If you can't do without it, give a specific order to the bakery.

    You should only go for the products that you feel do not have peanuts in them.

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