How to Get Into WWE Wrestling Schools

Having grown up watching the likes of Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker and the Rock, there is a whole generation out there wanting to become like these stars and the next big thing in the WWE; however, according to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) they do not endorse any wrestling schools. Hence, if you are an aspiring wrestler, you need to locate wrestling schools in your area to get yourself registered and start training. However, do keep in mind that there are many fake wresting schools out there.


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    The first step is to locate a legitimate wrestling school, for which it is advised that you opt for one which has been around for about four years, as most of these schools phase out within the first year of starting their operations.

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    A big name wrestler associated with the school doesn’t make it legitimate at all; you need to be sure that there are at least 25 students registered with the school with more than three rings. The most important thing to remember here is that the more rings a school has the better. So if you see one ring, just walk away and do not waste your money here.

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    Select a school which charges less and provides you considerable hours on the mat. It is recommended that you visit to check the ratings of all the registered schools to make up your mind regarding the school you want to train in. This will also help you find which schools are legitimate and which are not.

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    Checking the track record of schools is another important factor that requires your attention. You have to see how many wrestlers have actually gone on to become WWE superstars from the school which you are interested in joining. The best way to reach out to the WWE is to send your resume video to them. Remember to demonstrate your best moves in the video.

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    A legitimate school will actually help you in putting your video together, bringing out the best in you.  It is even recommended that your school sends the video itself.

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    It is advised that you pick a school which is close to your location so that you do not have to waste time travelling from home to the school. In fact some schools offer their students accommodation on a long-term basis, which is quite useful.

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