How to Not Procrastinate in School

Procrastination refers to the act of delaying or deferring an action of urgent nature to a later time. Even though it has been long established that time is money, especially in the fast-paced world of today, a significant majority of people are still guilty of putting important tasks off and instead, indulging in activities that can be best described as distractions.

Children in particular are more prone to procrastinate than adults, with a greater proportion of the latter having learned the significance of completing tasks on time through experience. They put off the task of doing their homework, cleaning their room and completing other tasks routinely.

While the parents may be able to do something about a child’s procrastinating habit at home, the latter has to fight it off him/herself when in school.

If you are guilty of this act and realize its implications, then you must immediately start making an effort to curb this habit.


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    The first thing that you need to do in order to stop yourself from procrastinating in school is to admit to yourself that you are indeed indulging in this act. You cannot bring about any change in you unless you realize the need for it.

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    Next, try to identify the reasons that are causing you to adopt a lazy approach and attitude towards actions and tasks that need to be done on urgent basis. You need to be honest with yourself while spotting out the reasons that cause you to procrastinate. Some common reasons include fear of failure and consequent obsession with perfectionism, distractions and misguided priorities.

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    Set realistic goals for yourself in school and focus on accomplishing them. You do not have to aim too big, as that will only cause your fear of failure to grow and consequently result in you spending more time in the thinking and preparation phase than actually doing something. Understand that planning on doing something is completely different from actually doing something.

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    Do not allow yourself to become distracted easily. Remain focused on the work at hand such as class-work, projects, etc. If your friends keep trying to get your attention while you are busy doing something important, tell them you are busy. You will have plenty of time to hear them out and have fun with them later. It is extremely tempting to delay something important to a later time when we find ourselves with an opportunity to have fun, but you must not give in to this temptation. Understand all that is at stake.

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    Set your priorities and review them in order to ensure that they are straight. When you are at school, your basic aim should be to learn, which involves doing what your teachers assign you to do on time. Having fun and playing with your friends is not why your parents enrolled you in school. Unless you set your priorities right, you will have a hard time distinguishing between what is important and what is not.

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    Find a work buddy, someone who stays focused in class and does his/her work on time. This will help to keep you motivated.

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