How to Be the Cool Kid in High School

It is not too hard to be a cool kid in your high school. You just have to keep few things in your mind so as to be known as the cool kid of your school. You don’t have to be someone else in order to look cool. You just have to do everything by being yourself. You can take help from the given steps to make yourself look cool in your high school.


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    First of all, you must know that the opening day in your high school is one of the most important days. The students make images of others in their minds on the first day of the school which normally last until the end. Therefore, you have to prepare very well for the first day. You don’t need to make up a huge list of things to do, just go with the flow, be nice to everyone and say hello with a smile.

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    Making friends is very important for you. However, it is very difficult to make new friends in the first few days. But, you can start off with finding the people who seems interesting to you or who share similar liking with you.

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    Try to get acquainted with everyone in the school. For instance, you may get ragged by your seniors on the first day. But, you don’t have to overreact because it is part and parcel of schooling. In addition, it gives you a chance to become popular in your school. Besides, you can also help your batch fellows who feel shy during the ragging which will make a very good impression on your fellows.

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    Never try to become a bully to attract people. You can only become a cool kid if you behave in a kind manner. You can crack jokes, but you should not humiliate anyone with any of your expressions.

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    You should think before you speak. It is very important for you to be less talkative because it causes irritation for other people.

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    If you want to get real popularity as a cool kid, never copy anyone’s style in your high school and be yourself. It will help you in creating your own identity.

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    You have to be open-minded in your school. However, it doesn’t mean that you give up your customs, traditions and norms.

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