How to Find a Seat on the School Bus

The school bus is an exciting and integral part of every child’s school life, and while it might not seem likely, the bus is actually a place where friendships are forged, enemies are tackled, and valuable life lessons are learned. Kids generally enjoy the time they spend on the school bus, as it provides a great place  to meet and interact with friends. However, for some kids, particularly those who are facing the prospect of their first day at school, the school bus can seem like a daunting place, and selecting a seat might seem like a confusing and frightening task. However, whether you are an old student, or a new one who is just starting out, there are certain methods you can employ when it comes to selecting a seat on the school bus.


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    Allotted seats

    Most school buses will have allotted seats, and these are usually assigned to children on the first day of school, as the bus driver goes around all the various stops to pick up all the children. If there is a seat that has been assigned to you, sit in it, and if you have any problems with where you have been seated, request the school official in charge or the bus driver, to kindly allow you to change your seat.

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    Think about it in advance

    If there is no allotted seating plan on the school bus, it is a good idea to decide where you want to sit before getting on the bus. Think of a few options you would like (in case some of the seats you decide on are already taken), and keep various factors in mind; e.g.  if you are planning to read or do your homework during the ride, you will need to avoid the noisiest areas of the bus, and settle on a more quiet spot where there are no distractions. Think about whether you want a window seat, and keep general factors in mind, such as the fact that the end of the bus is usually the bumpiest.

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    Scan the bus

    Since anyone can sit on any seat they choose if the seats are not allotted, your favourite seat is not always likely to be free; thus, it is important to maintain a flexible approach, and not be too rigid about it. After getting onto the bus, conduct a cursory scan of all the seats available, and simply sit on the seat you like the best.  Look around for friends and people who you think you would like to sit with. Try and avoid those people who you are not too friendly with and who could end up causing trouble. However, all this needs to be done very quickly, because the bus driver will usually wait for you to sit down before driving on.

    If you want to sit somewhere else, wait for the bus to stop and make the change quickly.

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