How To Get Graduate School Admissions

Applying for a Graduate School requires personal attention and commitment. The process is relatively the same for most graduate programs but carrying out the necessary procedures in a timely manner in order to meet deadlines is certainly the most challenging task.


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    Figure out the potential schools which best matches your credentials. The applying process will then be determined after you have narrowed down a few. Mark the deadline dates of each graduate school on the calendar and make sure that you complete all the necessary requirements before that period.

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    Review the requirements of every graduate school you have picked and start the process. Most will require you to have letters of recommendation, for which you will need to contact your professors. Maintaining a good relationship with your professors will be necessary, so make sure you are on good terms before asking for help. Remind them of the task you have completed – projects, social work etc - so that it gets incorporated in the letter, further giving a positive outlook on your academic and extra-curricular skills.

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    Pass the designated tests. Many graduate programs require you to pass an entry or assessment test, which will check your IQ level and other capabilities. Qualifying the test with a more than average score will hold you in good stead as compared to other candidates. For science programs, you will need to give GRE, while pursuing law and medical schools, you will need to clear LSAT and MCAT respectively.  Give yourself a fair chance of achieving good scores by planning and preparing in advance.

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    Write your Personal Statement. This is mandatory when applying, where you will write an essay explaining your reasons of pursuing a particular course and opting for a certain graduate school. An effective personal statement must reflect all relevant information, ranging from your achievements and history to your interests and long terms career goals. Get assistance from your English professor or family members.

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    Contact your college office and get a hold of your transcript. You will be required to pay a certain fee if you want the transcript on an urgent basis. Moreover, order more than one copy as you will be applying to multiple graduate schools.

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    Submit your application. After reviewing all the paperwork, you will be required to send the application form. That will cost you a certain fee, usually non-refundable.

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