How to Make Friends in a New Boarding School

We sometimes have to make decisions in life that are in our long term interest but make our life harder in the short term. Sometimes these decisions are made for us by others. Going to a boarding school is one of them.

It takes us away from our family and we are often in a surrounding that is unfamiliar. It is something that millions face across the world each year and the best way to go through it is to make new friends that we can rely on. The process is hard in the start but you can do it.


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    Take it Easy

    The fact that your life has suddenly changed can be pretty taxing and you may not be feeling very well about it. It is important that you accept this change sooner rather than later and move on with it. You are going to be one of the many students facing the same dilemma so know that you are not alone in this situation, even at your school.

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    Look for Similar Students

    Look for the students who have joined the school at the same time as you. They will be having similar issues and it will be easier for you to connect with them. You can start with some common chit chat and listen to their problems and discuss yours as well. Just keep it very basic though as you do not want to be trading personal problems to a bully.

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    Common Interests

    You will be able to find students that share the same interests as you. There are going to be several clubs at the school such as book reading club and debating club and you can join one that suits you area of interest. Here you should be able to find students that you can connect with and make friends with as well.

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    You can also find some friends in your class. If it is a boarding school, they will be living in the same dormitories as you are so you can certainly connect with them after school as well. This can be a great way of making new friends and in just a little time, you should be having a couple of great friends to keep you company.

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