10 Countries where Drug Consuming is Legal

Large quantities of various types of drugs are consumed around the globe every day. Drug addicts try to seek a one stop solution to all their problems by using drugs. However, as soon as the effect of a drug wears off, things turn horrid for a drug addict. Consuming drugs is prohibited in almost all regions of the world. However, there are a number of countries where public use of drugs has been legalised for a number of reason. Here is a list of 10 countries where consuming drugs is legal.


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    It may sound surprising but in Portugal, there is no penalty at all for consuming drugs. However, the ratio of drug addicts has considerably reduced over the years due to therapies aimed at helping out drug addicts.

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    Drug addiction is considered more of a health problem than a crime in Netherlands. Drugs can be easily bought at coffee shops without the free of a harsh punishment is Amsterdam, capital city of Netherlands.

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    Czech Republic:

    Czech Republic is the second European country, after Portugal, where addiction to drugs can goes neglected in most cases. However, there are certain limits on the quantity of drugs that an individual can buy.

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    Drug addiction rate in Italy is considerably high. As a matter of fact, drug consumption rate in Italy is on the rise and ironically, almost no steps are being taken to control it.

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    In Australia, penalties against drug addiction and consumption were lifted in 2011, making Australia one of the countries where drug consuming is not considered a crime.

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    Mainly for medical reasons, consumption of drugs was legalised in Britain a few years ago. However, with the surge in drug addiction, especially amongst teen agers, clinical programs had to be started with no fruitful results. Current death rate due to drug consumption is at its highest in the history of England.

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    Heroine and cocaine are the two most widely used drugs in Spain. There are no restrictions on the public use of these drugs and anyone who can afford to pay, has access to these life threatening drugs.

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    North Korea:

    Drug consumption rate is very high in North Korea because anyone can grow and sell Cannabis, without requiring a license.

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    Although drug addiction is considered immoral in India, there is no proper law against use of drugs. Traditional drugs such as ‘Bhang’ are considered to a part of the Indian culture and are consumed without the fear of being penalised.

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    Although things are not worst in Canada, there is a certain level of toleration on the use of drugs. Public use of marijuana has been allowed. However, cultivation of marijuana is still not allowed without a license.

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