How to Be a Freegan in London

London is the economic hub of the United Kingdom as many multinational business organisations have their head offices in this city. That is why this city becomes the first choice when someone wants to register a protest against the corporate-based consumer economy.

For the last ten years, freeganism has been gaining popularity as it encourages people to disapprove the wastage of any useful item. They are basically anti-consumerists who record their protest against this bad habit by dumpster-diving. A freegan looks for useful items in the trash and recycles them.

Though, it can be a difficult task to be a freegan in city like London but still you can do it by following few simple tips.


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    Know the basics:

    First of all, you should read a lot about freeganism to understand their fundamentals. There are some basics that you will have to keep in mind to be a freegan. You must know that freegans avoid meat and animal products. They do not buy anything rather they look for leftovers. They make every effort to remove themselves from the cycle of capitalism.

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    Join a group:

    The best way to be a freegan in London is to join a group or community. You will have to do some research to get the information about the local freegans. You may visit the local area and ask people about such communities. You can also use the internet for this purpose as freegans have their own websites or official pages on social networking websites.

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    One man’s trash is another’s treasure:

    The freegans follow a code and that is “one man’s trash is another’s treasure”. No matter if you need food, households or clothes; you will only look for them in dumpsters. Moreover, they also swap these items and find out new ways to recycle them. You should rely on your community and if you have found too much food or other useful items then share it with others.

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    Reduce living costs:

    To be a freegan in London, you will have to reduce your living costs. The best way is to stay in abandoned buildings and avoid all the luxuries of life.

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    Reducing waste:

    Freegans are smart consumers as they believe in reducing waste and reusing all the items. This will not only register your protest against consumer exploitation by the corporate world but it will also green up the city of London.

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    Voluntary joblessness:

    You will have to leave your job or at least work less to be a freegan. The followers of freeganism believe that the corporate world is controlling other people's lives so one should not be a part of their circle.

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