How to Find a Person from Mexico

Finding your loved one in United States or any other developed country is not a difficult task as all you have to do is get access to the internet and perform your search. In most developed countries this is an acceptable way to find your loved ones but unfortunately this is not the case in developing countries. Due to the lack of computer education, it is hard to find people through the internet and thus you have to use other methods which are relatively costly and more time consuming.


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    Go to Telmex website

    You should go to the Telmex white pages website. For this, you must turn on your computer and open your web browser. Now, you should type in the search words to get access to Telmex national white pages website. In order to gain access to the members area, you will be required to sign up for the services. Remember that the Telmex white pages website will require your full name and cell number for registration.

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    Provide details of the person you are trying to find

    After you have signed up for the website, you must provide the state, region and municipality of the person you wish to locate. It is important that you define the area otherwise it would be impossible for you to trace all of the search results. Now, you must enter the first and last name of the person. Keep in mind that, the last name plays a detrimental role in finding a particular person, thus it should come first in the search. After you have completed everything, you must initiate the search to locate the person.

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    Analyse the search results

    After you have initiated the search, it may take some time before displaying you the search results. You must wait for it patiently and do not click on anything else. After the search results are displayed, you must start analysing each of them on the basis of details provided. If you find it hard to analyse all of the search results or lack the information needed for further analysis, then you must take a print out of the search results. It may be time consuming but it is the only way to find your loved ones. Therefore, you must contact every person in order to confirm whether he is the desired person or not.

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