10 Natural Resources that are available in Abundance in USA

In addition to being a world power, the United States of America is a country which is rich in all kinds of natural resources. There are many natural resources which are found in abundance in all of the different states of the USA. Furthermore, many states are involved in the production of metals after extracting them from the reserves, in order to supply them as a finished product in the market. A great amount of money is earned by the USA through its export of the natural resources around the world.


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    Around 993 million tonnes of coal are produced by the USA every year, which makes it the top coal producing country in the world. Furthermore, the quality of the coal reserves in the USA is excellent, as compared to other countries.

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    Granite is considered one of the most important natural resources and its presence is deemed as a great national treasure in any country. It is found in great abundance in the USA.

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    Also known as timber, limber is a great natural resource. The USA is one of the largest manufacturers of timber around the world.

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    Iron ore

    It is present in different colours, ranging from rusty red to dark grey. It is found in great abundance in the areas in and near Pennsylvania in the USA.

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    It is mostly used to make electric wire, but has many other uses too. It is found mostly in and near Michigan in the USA. There are estimated to be around 429 tonnes of copper reserves in the USA.

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    It is found in central Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Montana, Tennessee and Soda Springs in the USA. In addition, there are vast reserves of Phosphate in Idaho.

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    The USA stands amongst the top three producers of lead in the world. The lead found in the USA is bluish white in colour.

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    Maple syrup

    This is found in great abundance in the USA. Many other countries also extract maple syrup from the USA.

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    The USA is one of the largest producers of uranium, which is one of the most expensive natural resources in the world. It has great importance because of its usage in the production of atomic energy. Around 9783 tonnes of uranium are present in the USA.

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    Around 93% of the Molybdenum in the world is being produced by North and South America.

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