How to Tour the Denon Wing in the Louvre

Louvre Museum which is commonly known as The Louvre is one of the largest museums of the world. It is located on the Right Bank of the Seine which is in the 1st arrondissement in Paris, France. More than 8 million people visit the great museum every year which makes it the most visited museum around the globe.

Denon Wing is one the best buildings of the Louvre which has Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, La Gioconda (Mona Lisa) in its permanent collection. If you are looking forward to visit the Denon Wing, you can take help from this article.


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    If you want to make your tour memorable, you should float the idea of visiting the Denon Wing amongst all your close friends and family members. You must try to persuade everyone to go with you on the tour so as to enjoy it to the fullest. However, if you cannot convince anybody, you should not force him or her.

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    Then, you have to plan for your transportation. If you live anywhere in Europe, you can easily go to the Louvre on a train. On the other hand, if you live anywhere outside Europe, you will have to take a flight to Paris first. It will be really helpful for you to prepare a good budget for your tour. You must assess all the expenses to the best of your knowledge. A good budget will help you in controlling your expense. Keep a good room for all the unpredictable expenses by making your budget flexible.

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    You should try to collect some basic information about the paintings and artwork which is kept in the Denon Wing of the Louvre. There are a lot of Italian and Spanish paintings in its permanent collection. Few of the most renowned paintings include La Belle Ferronniere (Portrait of an Unknown Woman), Botticelli frescoes and Wedding Feast at Cana. It also has many French, Greek, Northern Europe, Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Etruscan paintings and artworks.

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    If you want to make the most out of your tour, you will have to manage your time well because the museum is very big and has thousands of artworks in it. Besides, if you want to take in your camera, you will have to seek permission for it by the authorities.

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