How to Go Sightseeing in Hollywood

Hollywood is not only one of the biggest film making town in the world but also a great place to go sightseeing. There are many options that you can make use of when you visit. The key is to make sure that you are aware of the important places inside Hollywood and make sure that you do not miss those.

It is certainly not an endeavour that is impossible and one has to do some home work to get the plan well settled. Once you do that, you will have loads of fun and some great sightseeing.


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    There are tons of places in Hollywood that one can make a part of the sightseeing trip. The trick is to know about these places and do have a look at the ones that are most important and those that appeal to you the most. Make sure that you do some research on the internet and it is not a bad idea to look for a brochure that has information about the various places inside the town. This will get you an idea of which places you are looking to visit.

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    If you have a limited time, make priorities of what you want to look at first and if you have time left, you can have other options as well. This is important as it is not a small place and if you start with random places or with whatever comes first, you will certainly be missing a lot of the places that you wanted to visit. If you have a lot of time and can use a few days that should be fine if you do not prioritise.

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    Take a Tour

    You can also take a tour in case you are not sure if you can look at all the places yourself. The time at each spot will be limited in this case though and you will have a limited opportunity to enjoy these places but you will get to see each and every important place there is.

    If you are in Universal Studios, the best way to have fun is to take a tram which will be showing you all the most important film locations that Hollywood has had over the years.

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    Rent a Car and Explore

    You can also rent a car if you are coming from out of town and do not have your own available. Mark places on a map that you want to see or get help from a GPS guide you and see all the places that you have always admired and wanted to see.

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