7 Biggest Mysteries in the World

It’s true that curiosity does kill the cat, but sometimes humans are unable to figure out certain things. There are several hidden mysteries in the world which are yet to be discovered. Moreover, there are cases which have been reported but no one ever found an answer to them. We have managed to list down the best and the biggest mysteries which this world has ever seen. Several people are still looking for answers when it comes to these seven mysteries.


  • 1

    Sailing Stones

    Located in the dry lakebed of Racetrack, these stones weigh almost 700 pounds yet they are able to mysteriously slide across the face of the earth without any external forces. The amazing feature about the tracks of these stones is the fact that they sail in random directions; this means that wind and ice cannot be the reason why they slide.

    Sailing Stones
  • 2

    Loch Ness Monster

    This is a fresh water lock which is found in the Scottish highlands. People have been reporting about seeing a thing right in the middle of fresh water and they have named it “Nessie”. Currently it is the best example for crypto zoology. People know that it exists but no one has really seen how it looks.

    Loch ness monster
  • 3

    Black Dahlia

    Back in 1947, a woman named as Elizabeth Short, nicknamed Black Dahlia, was found dead at a parking lot. Her body was cut into two pieces and even though there have been several investigations regarding the case, no murderer was ever found.

    black dahlia
  • 4


    There was a creature seen by the people between November 15, 1966 and December 15, 1967. People claim that it was an alien while biologists state that it was a sandhill crane that wandered off its usual migration path.

  • 5


    Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is still a mystery which has to be solved. Several people claim that it is just a myth others state that they have seen it themselves. Just like the Loch Ness Monster, people believe that Sasquatch is a creature of the past and it has still managed to survive.

  • 6

    Bermuda Triangle

    This is the area of water between Florida and Puerto Rico. There have been several unexplained disappearances of ships, aircrafts and even people. Everyone gives out his/her own account of disappearances and scientists have said that all this is happening due to methane gas bubbles.

    bermuda triangle
  • 7

    The Mary Celeste

    Back in 1872, a ship known as Mary Celeste departed from New York alongside Captain Briggs, his wife, his child and a crew of eight. It was expected to dock in Italy but it never did. In fact, it was found in the middle of Gibraltar and no one was on the ship. There was not even a sign of struggle;  in fact, only the captain’s log was missing.

    mary celeste

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