How to Enjoy Oakland, California in Summer

Oakland is an important city in California, a prominent state in the United States of America, and is one of the major West Coast port cities. It is also considered one of the busiest ports in all of Northern California, and the San Francisco Bay. If you have run out of ideas for your summer vacations, Oakland is a great place to visit, offering plenty of enjoyment and recreational activities for people of all ages. It is a big city, so finding things to do is not exactly difficult, as there is always something going on. However, there are certain activities that you simply cannot miss out on during a trip to Oakland, which will make your experience of the city all the more enjoyable.


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    If you are a beach lover, Oakland is the perfect vacation spot for you because there are countless amazing resorts and beaches in the region which you can visit. Keep in mind that you may have to drive for about an hour from the middle of the city in order to reach any of the beaches. Once there, however, you can indulge yourself in many beach games and activities, or simply laze about and work on your tan. Beaches in California are famous all over the world, attracting thousands of international visitors each year, and they are a true delight in summers.

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    Children’s Fairyland

    If you are visiting Oakland during summertime with your family, and happen to have kids in tow, you can find plenty of activities to entertain the younger members of your group. Among other sites, the Children’s Fairyland is a great place to visit. It is located right next to downtown Oakland on the shores of Lake Merritt, and visiting this park is considered a tradition for the children of Bay Area. Your children are bound to have an amazing time in the Fairyland, enjoying all the rides, fun slides, live puppet shows, and multiple musical performances on offer.

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    Enjoy an outdoor concert

    If you are a music lover and want to have a good time dancing or simply appreciating a quality performance, you will find that many options are open to you in Oakland, as there are a variety of live concerts that are held in the evening. This can be an extremely enjoyable activity, and you can search for outdoor music concerts in the Anaheim area and the Pearson Park Amphitheatre, which hosts the best music festivals in town.

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    If the weather is exceptionally hot, you will most probably not want to venture outdoors during the daytime too often, and will most likely end up having breakfast and lunch in the hotel or the rest house where you are residing. However, you may want to go downtown for dinner in the evening - downtown Oakland has many great options for fast food as well as traditional, more elaborate meals - browse through all the venues and deals on offer, before selecting one based on your preferences.

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