How to Find Hotels in Mogadishu, Somalia

Tourism in Somalia has been facing trouble for the last few years, but the place still attracts people. You may be a journalist or a tourist wanting to see old Somali tradition and city life, but finding accommodation or a hotel can get you in trouble if you do not plan things in advance. Due to a rift between government and some local armed factions, the country had to see worst bombing, kidnapping and armed attacks a few months ago (mid 2011).

Although the situation is now under control, tourists and visitors are often warned of a possible danger.

The capital city of Mogadishu has a lot of hotels and vacation spots, but you can also find some luxury hotels along the beach.


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    Read travel guides

    Whatever your purpose may be, your visit to Somalia should be safe and sound and finding the right place to stay in should be your top priority. Read online travel guides on Somalia, especially Mogadishu and  write down information about key locations and spots like airports, highways, cities and of course precautionary measures.

    Although the city is quite safe now and violence has ended, uncertainty is far from over and tourists are often advised to accompany locals while they roam the cities or get around volatile suburbs.

    You may not be able to find a magazine on Somali tourism industry, but there should be lots of online travel guides. Plus you can search for private forums and blogs maintained by individuals who visited the city in the recent past.

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    Make a budget

    Hotels, although a few in Mogadishu, are not expensive and they lack usual amenities that you will find elsewhere in Europe and other countries.  However, making a budget before jetting to Mogadishu is a good idea as it will help you allocate money and utilize it according to your plan.

    Determine how much money you want to spend on accommodation. There are plenty of cheaper places to stay in, but most of the hotels along the seaside in Mogadishu are better. Still, no-frills accommodation can be found easily, as they will be OK and won’t hurt your budget.

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    Visit official tourism websites

    You can visit official websites on tourism in Somalia. Use Google search engine to find websites that can help you find hotels in Mogadishu.

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    Read reviews on different hotels

    Websites like can help you make up your mind about hotels in the city. Read reviews written by individual visitors who stayed in different hotels. Some of the well-known hotels in Mogadishu are Hotel Shamo, Sahafi Hotel, Hotel Nasa-Hablod, and Safari Hotel.

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