10 Unknown Facts About Epic Ramayana

Ramayana is one of the most famous Indian stories, of which there are numerous versions written by saints and pundits. It is the tale of the birth of Rama and Sita and their journey in life. It is believed that the original form of the Ramayana was written by harbinger-poet, Valmiki.

Since there are quite a few versions of this story, people are unaware of some important facts related to it. These details are quite important in order to understand the Ramayana, so one has to go through them thoroughly after reading the entire tale.


  • 1

    Ravana was an excellent veena player

    Ravana, who is considered to be the evil character in the story, was a very good player of veena and had its symbol on his flag. However, his ability of playing this instrument has not been discussed in most versions of the Ramayana.

  • 2

    Lakshman was also known as Gudakesh

    Lakshman, who was the brother of Rama, was also known as Gudakesh. It is believed that he did not sleep for 14 years in order to protect his Rama and Sita.

  • 3

    Lakshman rekha was not a part of Valmiki’s story

    An interesting fact is that the story related to Lakshman rekha, a circle drawn around Sita’s hut, was not part of the original version written by Valmiki. This episode found in other versions of Ramayana states that no one could enter that circle, but Sita came out of it herself.

  • 4

    Dandakaranya forest

    Most of the versions of the Ramayana state that Lakshman, Rama and Sita stayed in a forest for 14 years. It is believed that the three of them lived in the Dandakaranya forest, which was considered to be a home to demons.

  • 5

    Indra was jealous of Kumbhakarna

    Since Indra was jealous of Kumbhakarna, he requested the Goddess Saraswati to curse him. As a result, Kumbhakarna slept for six months and only woke up for one day to eat.

  • 6

    Ravana was killed with the help of Vibhisana

    When Rama came to Lanka, he got support from local king Vibhisana in order to kill Ravana.

  • 7

    Adam’s Bridge is linked to Ramayana

    One of the oldest man made bridges is known to be the Adam’s Bridge, which is linked to the Ramayana, as Rama is believed to have constructed such a path to enter Lanka.

  • 8

    Lord Shiva’s bow is called Pinaka

    The famous Lord Shiva’s bow, which is mentioned in the story, is called Pinaka.

  • 9

    Ravana knew about his death

    It is believed that Ravana knew that he would die at the hands of Rama and Lakshmana.

  • 10

    Rama left earth in Sarayu River

    After the death of Sita, Rama was unable to bear the loss, and decided to disappear from earth through the Sarayu River.

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