12 Smart Uses for Old Cabinets

When you make the decision to remodel your kitchen, one contributing factor is likely to be that you want new kitchen cabinets. This leaves the question, “What should I do with my old cabinets?” Most people simply toss them to the curb or destroy them during the kitchen demolition. But there are so many ways to use old cabinets elsewhere in the home, discarding them is a serious mistake. Regardless of the age or appearance of the cabinets, there is a practical way to reuse them. Here, we’ve listed 12 smart uses for old cabinets.

While your cabinetry may not be suitable for display in the kitchen, they’re fine to use in the garage, inside a closet, as a gardening center, or in another location. If you absolutely cannot stand the thought of looking at them ‘as is’, you can use a few simple techniques to give them a new look. Learn how to cover them with a paint technique called wood graining, or give them a chic distressed look with an aged crackle finish. If you have laminate cabinets, learn how to paint laminate cabinets to make them look brand new.

With that said, let’s get on with it. Here are 12 uses for old cabinets that make it easy to see why recycling them is such a great idea.

Gardening center – Remove the doors and hang old wall cabinets in a garden shed or above a workspace. Keep small gardening tools, seed packets, watering cans, plant pots, soil, and other supplies handy inside.

Laundry room – Hang wall cabinets inside the laundry room and keep laundry detergent, clothespins, extra hangers, and other laundry supplies out of sight and organized.

Garage organization – There can never be enough storage room in the garage. Mount wall cabinets above a workbench and store away tools, tool boxes, paint supplies, and other items neatly inside the cabinets.

Closet organizer – Place a wall cabinet inside a bedroom or hall closet for extra storage. Store and organize kid’s toys, pet supplies, shoes, seasonal clothing, and more.

Entryway roundup – Set a wall cabinet by the front door or entryway and use it as a neat spot for shoes, backpacks, pet leashes, and more.

Kid’s cubbies – One of the best ways to use for old cabinets is in kid’s rooms or playrooms. Several sets can be used as cubbies to hold toys, blankets, stuffed animals, art supplies, books, and other treasured belongings.

Extra desk storage – Drawer cabinets are always in high demand for office use. Recycle cabinets with drawers for this purpose and use them to store files, office supplies, reference books, receipts, tax information, and so on.

Office storage unit – Drawer cabinets aren’t the only option for using old cabinets in the office. Base cabinets can be used to create a desk or workspace. Simply set them far enough apart for a chair to slide through, and install a countertop (perhaps the leftover countertop from the kitchen?).

Unique headboard – If you remove the doors from your old cabinets, don’t throw them away! They can be refinished and turned into a very cool headboard. Check out which other surprising materials can be used to make a unique headboard.

Video game center – If you have a video game console in your home, you know how messy all those wires look dangling on the floor. Recycle cabinets into a handy video game center. Drill holes in the back of the cabinets for the cords and wires, and keep video games neat and organized inside.

Craft supplies – If you enjoy scrapbooking, jewelry making, or other craft hobbies, chances are you have an abundance of supplies. Use old cabinets as a place to store everything in a neat and organized fashion. Remove the doors from the cabinets for quick access to all your supplies.

Rolling cart – Add casters to the bottom of base cabinets and create a handy rolling cart. This is a great way to have extra storage that can be moved from room to room. You’ll be surprised at how often you will use this homemade cart.

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