It’s Play Dough Time!

Jerry took out some play dough.
He was going to have some fun.
He had red, yellow, blue, and green play dough.
It was enough for everyone.

He was having a play dough party.
There were six children at his home.
He took out bowls, plates,rollers, and cutters,
And a jar of mixing foam.

The play dough tubs were opened,
And now it was time to start.
The mixing was about to commence
When Bill let out a fart.

“Oh gross,” yelled Jenny.
“That’s disgusting,” said Sue.
“I’m sorry,” responded Bill
As he blushed through and through.

The children then took out the play dough.
They rolled it and made silly snakes.
Rhonda got extra creative,
And made a play dough cake.

“Don’t eat that cake,” said Joey.
“It’s not very tasty at all.
Now look what I’ve just made,
A play dough super ball.”

The kids played on for an hour.
The table and floor was a mess.
Jerry shook his head and cried.
“This play dough is on my desk.”

“It’s stuck inside my drawer.
It’s on my trophy too.
We’ve got to clean up all this play dough.
It’s hardening up like glue.”

“We’ll help out,” said Jack.
“We’ll put all the play dough away.
By the time we finish cleaning up,
Your troubles will be gone today.”

And so the children went to work,
They washed and scrubbed the floor.
They cleaned the table and the desk,
And finally they were done by four.

“Thanks everyone for helping me.
I hope you’ll all come back.
Next time we’ll play with my train set,
And we’ll set up my railroad tracks.”

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