12 Ways to Recycle an Old Shower Curtain Liner

I hate throwing anything out, including old shower curtain liners.

There’s no arguing that after the grommet holes have torn out, old curtain liners are pretty worthless to use in the shower. And, at a replacement cost of $6 or so, they really aren’t worth repairing either. But instead of throwing them out, why not recycle them instead?

Clean them up first

Shower curtain liners can get a little mildewed, and can stink up a house if you don’t wash them first. To get rid of the mildew, presoak the liner in warm sudsy water with a cup of bleach. After a few hours of soaking, rinse with clean water. To remove the wrinkles in the liner, throw the liner directly in the dryer for a couple of minutes. The wrinkles will straighten right out. Drape the liner over the clothesline or fence to dry.

How to use those old shower curtain liners

1. Make a painting apron. For a half apron, cut a square which includes a row of 4 or 5 grommets. Tie a length of yarn or twine through the 2 end grommets to use as the tie. Or, make a full size apron with cords that can be tied around both the neck and waist. Use your regular kitchen apron as your pattern!

2. Old shower curtain liners make terrific, heavy duty drop cloths. Remodeling your house? Use your liners to protect furniture and electronic equipment from construction dust.

3. Drape your liner over the kitchen table when doing crafts with the kids. This not only protects the surface but makes clean up a breeze.

4. Place a half a liner on the floor beneath your child when giving home haircuts. Use the other half as an apron to keep the hair from landing on his clothes.

5. Make shelf liners for your kitchen and bathroom cabinet shelves. Cut a few extra to line the drawers in the kitchen.

6. Protect your driveway or the floor of your garage from oil drips. Shower curtain liners come in especially handy when changing the oil or cleaning small automotive parts.

7. Shower curtain liners make very effective weed barriers in the vegetable garden. They are also helpful in channeling irrigation water.

8. Place a liner inside the trunk compartment or rear hatch of your car. This protects the mats when hauling plants, recycling, hazardous waste or other items.

9. Use as a moisture barrier beneath your tent when camping. Or, throw over your camping equipment if you find yourself caught in a sudden rain storm.

10. Cut a hole in the middle to make a rain poncho. Stash a couple in the back of your car for rainstorm emergencies.

11. Keep a liner in the storage hatch of your moped to use as an emergency rain cover.

12. In a pinch, you can even use that old shower curtain liner to patch a leaky roof. It’ll hold long enough for you to get to the hardware store.

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