Five Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture Brands

Whether it’s furniture made out of sustainable lumber or recycled materials, you can have outdoor furniture that is eco-friendly, functional, and fashionable, too. These outdoor furniture lines will be a smart and environmentally friendly way to outfit your patio, deck or back yard while helping to reduce the impact to use of the world’s resources.

Gaiam – Gaiam offers a variety of outdoor furniture that uses different recycled materials such as recycled wrought iron used in its Folding Iron Dining Chair; recycled wine barrels in its Wine Barrel Chair; recycled iron in the Bistro Round Table; the Ultimate Hammock which uses recycled soda bottles; and door mats that are made from used tires. According to the Gaiam website, at, the Wine Barrel Chair even has the original name of the winery that the barrel came from which adds to the allure of the chair.

Reforest Teak – Reforest Teak produces a line of teak outdoor furniture that combines creative styling and design with wood that is grown responsibly and harvested. According to the company’s website at, its mission is to help restore damaged and depleted lands with thriving and sustainably managed forest plantations. One of their most stylish lines of eco-friendly outdoor furniture by Reforest Teak is the Spirit Song Collection. This eco-friendly outdoor furniture features a dramatically designed bench and ottoman set and several other attractive pieces to round out the collection. The Spirit Song Collection is designed by Barbara and Robert Tiffany. According to the Reforest Teak website, the profits from the sale of Reforest Teak furniture go toward ecological reforestation work in Costa Rica. Those looking for style and substance should consider the eco-friendly outdoor furniture by Reforest Teak.

Maku Furnishings – Maku Furnishings is an eco-friendly outdoor furniture producer that makes outdoor furniture from sustainable products. Information provided on their website at states that Maku Furnishings is a member of 1% for the Planet, a group of companies that donate 1% of sales to a network of global environmental organizations. Maku Furnishings offers a number of eco-friendly outdoor products such as their teak dining table, lounge chairs, seating, and other items, that will accentuate your outdoor living environment while helping to sustain the worldwide environment.

Loll Designs – This eco-friendly outdoor furniture company features outdoor furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and stylish with products made from recycled plastic and an environmentally friendly wood fiber composite according to their website at Their website features an extensive collection of eco-friendly outdoor furniture for both residential and commercial applications. Many of Loll Designs products are not only eco-friendly but they are also durable and maintenance free. Loll Designs offers Adirondack chairs, club chairs, benches, tables, stools, and other items to be used outdoors.

Thos. Baker – You can “go green” with eco-friendly outdoor furniture from furniture-maker Thos. Baker. Their outdoor furniture is made from teak that is grown on plantations that follow sustainable-yield practices according to their website at Because teak is durable and ages gracefully, it makes the idea wood to use for eco-friendly outdoor furniture. Thos. Baker offers a full range of outdoor furniture from tables, chairs, loungers, benches, and other items that come in five different stylish and classic collections. If you want teak furniture that is eco-friendly, then Thos. Baker is the place to shop.

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