16 Things to Do During a Power Outage

When the power goes out because of a storm, or scheduled outage you can easily get bored. It is always very tempting to entertain ourselves with electronics only to remember that they won’t turn on. Here are some ideas to keep entertained or busy until the power returns.
  1. Go for a walk. If the weather permits, you wouldn’t want to get struck by lightening.
  2. Read. Find a light window or a candle to provide light. Finish your latest novel or start working on a business report you’ve been meaning to read.
  3. Go for a drive. I love to go driving down by the lake then take a walk once I get there.
  4. Play a board game or card game. Everyone probably has several games in their closet that they haven’t used the last power outage.
  5. Clean. Dust, Sweep, clear out a drawer, there’s always something that might need a bit of cleaning. Just remember water and vacuuming take power.
  6. Write. Use a pen and paper to make notes on thoughts or things for work, write in your journal or diary. You could even start a new article to publish.
  7. Play with your kids or pets. Play a game, build a tent, they’ll love the extra time spent together
  8. Talk. Have a conversation with your family or friends. Be careful about phones during storms though.
  9. Start minor repairs. Fix the door handle that’s loose or Hang some pictures.
  10. Eat. Find snacks that don’t need to be cooked or use the barbecue to whip up something delicious to eat
  11. Work on your hobbies. Choose one that doesn’t involve electricity like painting, knitting, organizing a collection.
  12. Have a nap or go to bed early.
  13. Light some candles and enjoy the down time.
  14. Sit outside and watch the rain or the lightning storm.
  15. Go outside and garden. If it’s daytime and not storming go mow the lawn, weed the garden, just head outside.
  16. Use your laptop. If you’re desperate for internet just turn your laptop on and resort to dial up until the battery is low.

My power is out tonight so rather than getting bored I decided I’d think of things that I could do. This is a short list and I’m sure there are many other things others could come up with. Generally, just enjoy the time to relax and don’t stress!

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