Benjamin Moore Pratt: Aura, the First One-Coat Paint

There are a few companies that can be associated with a product. When we think of fast food, McDonald’s is one of the first responses most of us will give. How about when we think about soda, most of us respond with Coca Cola. This can be seen in the paint industry as well. Most people associate Benjamin Moore with paint. Consumers do this because Benjamin Moore is a company that has popularized paint products for nearly a hundred years. You can find their products in nearly every store. They have remained cutting edge by offering almost every color imaginable. It appears they have made another major breakthrough with the introduction of their latest product, the Benjamin Moore Aura.

We understand that paint has remained relatively the same since the 1950s. Painters alike have grown accustomed to the comfortability and reliability that the current concept of paint provides us. The Benjamin Moore Aura is going to radically change how we look at paint with a total reinvention. Most paints fail to obscure dark colors in one simple coat. We have to apply several coats and allow drying to take place for several hours. The Aura promises to eliminate the hassle of applying numerous coats and having to wait as long.

Benjamin Moore Aura can completely cover all the dark colors in one single coat. You will no longer have to apply any primer as well. All that is needed is for you to lay down one coat and watch it dry within one hour. You can even sit back and watch the paint dry because the lingering odors of the past are gone as well. This has been made possible through enhancements in the chemistry of paint.

Benjamin Moore has created a radical new surfactant containing long, rope polymer chains. Similar to the Velcro concept, the molecule chains will wrap around the pigment particles and slowly bind the entire mixture together. This helps give the paint a thicker and more velvet consistency. The result is one of the greatest advancements in paint ever made. No more volatile fumes to smell. You will not be able to paint all day long without having to take a break. Most of the painting can take place in the morning, allowing you to still invite friends over in the evening because of the lack of smell.

Paint enthusiasts understand how much the Aura can affect the industry. The concept of the new paint will enable painters to complete jobs more quickly and efficiently. They no longer will have to spend as much time working on projects and will be able to finish them sooner than ever. This will enable them to embark on more than one project. They no longer have to feel as if they are tied to one specific thing for long periods of time. Welcome the Benjamin Moore Aura paint to the family. It is here to stay.

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