Five Easy Tips to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

Virtually every homeowner has had to deal with spiders at one time or another. The majority of these eight legged wonders are harmless and do a wonderful job of keeping your home free of other more harmful insects. Still, homeowners generally want them evicted when they show up inside their homes. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to not let them set up shop in the first place. Spiders are creatures of habit and can be kept out if you know what to do. Keep in mind that spiders are simply chasing the food. If you have a ton of insects and bugs in your home, then you will have a ton of spiders. Eliminate the food sources and you will eliminate the pests. Here are five easy ways to keep spiders from making your house a home in the first place:

Keep a Clean Home

This is the single best thing you can do to keep spiders out. A dirty home is almost certain to contain insects. The spiders will come after the insects. Keep things clean and the insects will go elsewhere.

Eliminate Entry Points On the Exterior

Get out that caulk gun and start sealing up entry points for the little critters. Vents are also a common way for spiders to get into a home. If you get protective screens that will help a great deal with vents. Go all the way around your home and think like a tiny little spider. How would you get in? Look for holes, cracks and various other spots to seal up.

Keep The Grass Mowed

High grass always equals more insects. The increased insect activity will bring spiders in droves. Ultimately they will end up in your home. Cut the grass regularly and this will not be a problem.

Relocate Debris and Wood Piles

If you have an old wood pile, move it away from your home. Many folks put these piles close to their home so they don’t have to walk as far to get wood. These wood piles are tiny eco-systems for the spiders and will always be a source point. Debris piles are just as bad and they attract snakes as well.

Regularly Hose Off The Exterior

No matter what you do, spiders will find their way into and around your home. If you regularly hose off the outside of your home and knock down webbing, then you will have much more success at keeping them outside. Keep the house clean outside as well as the inside.

Even with all of the steps above, you will have an occasional spider show up. Keep in mind that very few spiders are dangerous to people. In the United States, only the black widow spider and brown recluse are venomous enough to cause a problem with humans. Most spiders will never cause you a bit of trouble and will keep the insect population to a minimum as well.

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