25 Brilliant Uses for Plastic Grocery Bags

If you’re like me, you always find yourself with a huge stash of plastic grocery bags. No, it’s not because I shop for groceries that often. Everytime I visit any store, I end up bringing home additional plastic bags. Even if I purchase just one item, it ends up inside a plastic bag.

But I’m not complaining. Because, these bags have so many various uses around my home that I wonder what I would do without them. If you have at least one indoor cat and a litter box, for example, you can line the box with a plastic grocery bag. Then, once the bag is dirty, just tie it up and place it in your garbage can. Speaking of garbage cans, who doesn’t line their trash cans with plastic bags? The bags make it easier than ever to keep the cans clean. Also, it’s easy to just pull the bag out on trash day, tie it shut, and dispose of it. I keep extra bags in the bottoms of all my trash cans so there’s always a replacement handy.

A third use for recycling bags struck me one day when I was packing up some fragile items to put in the mail. Bubble wrap is rather expensive to buy. Anyhow, I don’t use it often enough to want to store a box of it in my house. So, I crumpled up several plastic grocery bags and cushioned the items with them. I found out later they arrived at their destination safe and sound!

Plastic bags also have a use in your clothes closets too! Just cut a slit in the top of one and slip it over a hangerful of clothing. The bag keeps dust off the clothing, especially the shoulder part. Or, if you have purses stored in your closet- and what women doesn’t?- you can help them keep their shape by filling them with crumpled up plastic bags.

I use this type of bag to store small blankets, afghans, and throws in too. You should either add a cedar block or a few moth balls to the inside of the bag before you tie it up. The smell will deter pesky moths and help to make your closet smell fresh.

If you want to place pillow shams on your bed, but you have no pillows, just substitute plastic grocery bags instead. If they get flat, you can fluff them back into shape in no time. The same goes for filling puffy window valances. Crumpled up grocery bags make a great filler because they’re so light.

A ninth way you can recycle this type of bag is to use it as a glove. Slip a bag over each hand before you clean up a mess or tackle a sloppy project. You can also use plastic bags to save painting applicators in between uses. Just wrap your roller or paint brush up in a plastic bag. Place the bag in your freezer, and the paint on them won’t dry! When you’re ready to use the applicators again, simply thaw them out.

You can also use plastic bags in place of sponge paint applicators. They’re cheaper, but they work as well! Crumple up a bag, dip it into the paint, and then sponge your walls with it.
In the kitchen, I place a bag on the counter everytime I’m going to cut up messy fruits and vegetables. Once I’m done, I just tie the bag together and discard it!

Carry a few plastic grocery bags in your car at all times. On a rainy (or even snowy) day, a bag can protect your head from getting wet. And how about when you head off for a day at the beach? Place your wet bathing suit in a plastic bag and it won’t get the interior of your car wet.

Speaking of keeping things dry, you can also slip a grocery bag over each sock before you put your rubber boots on. The bags will keep your feet and socks dry even if the boots don’t!

You can also tie a plastic bag to your belt loop when your family is at a fair, circus, carnival, or amusement park. The bag can hold items such as napkins, souvenirs, sunglasses, et cetera.

If you have a little one in diapers, a plastic grocery bag can be used as a substitute diaper pail for when you’re on the road too.

People who love to do crafts are always looking for new materials to work with. You can cut plastic bags into strips and make wreaths with them. Or, crochet a unique rug! If you have a vegetable garden outside and the birds are pecking at your produce, frighten them away by making a scare crow out of plastic bags too! Stuff old clothing with the bags, then assemble them.

Also, plastic bags make great shoe or boot covers if you need to make a quick trip to the garden.
When you’re back in the house, just remove the bags and discard them.

When I have to get down on my knees in the garden, I wrap a plastic grocery bag around each knee first. They protect my knees or pant legs from getting muddy and dirty.

The twenty-second use for this type of bag is practical for the garden. It works great for house plants too! Snip a corner off of a plastic bag and use it to water your plants. The bag weighs less than a clunky watering can and it’s easier to handle.

Number 23 – make draft stoppers for the exit doors of your house. You can use most any type of scrap material. Sew pieces of scrap material together to make several long tubes. Then, fill the tubes with crumpled up plastic bags. Sew the ends shut and place them in front of exit doors to keep cold air and drafts from entering.

Do you have a cast on an arm or a leg? Or, maybe for some medical reason, you can’t get your foot or hand wet. I did this to keep an injured foot dry once. Slip a plastic grocery bag over the area you need to keep dry and tie the top shut. Then, take your bath or shower as usual.

And last, but not least, is the twenty-fifth fantastic way you can recycle plastic bags. This is one of my favorite uses because it’s a fun way to play with the kids. Cut the handles off a bag. Then, poke some holes around its perimeter and tie a piece of string in each hole. Tie the string ends together and tie a large washer or other weight on the end. Now the bag is a toy parachute!

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