Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Mother’s day is a special day for honoring wonderful mother’s everywhere! It is a big time of year for retail stores. Cosmetic and fragrance sells hit record highs during the month of May, but one of the most precious gifts is a homemade gift that comes from the heart.

Here are some easy, inexpensive ideas for mother’s day gifts children can make for their moms:

Flowerpot Penholder

Supplies List:

�¯�¿�½Ceramic flowerpot
�¯�¿�½Empty formula can
�¯�¿�½Paint or colored paper (any color)
�¯�¿�½Glue or adhesive
�¯�¿�½Stickers, stamps or other embellishments
�¯�¿�½Silk flowers and floral tape
�¯�¿�½Wire cutters
�¯�¿�½Beans to fill the pot and make it easy for the flowers to stay inside

The first step is to decorate your flowerpot. If you are using a ceramic pot you can paint flowers, designs or other pictures on the front to add some flair and stylish d�©cor to your pot. If you decide to use an empty formula can or any type of canister you can cut some cardstock paper to the size of the container and make sure it is long enough to wrap around the can. Draw pictures, use stamps or stickers to decorate the cover then glue securely around your can. Use ribbon or other embellishments to decorate the can to your satisfaction. Next you can prepare the flowers. Cut your silk flowers to the appropriate size and secure them with the floral tape the pens. Take the cap off the pen and wrap the floral tape around the pen and the stem of your flower, wrap all the way down to the tip of the pen making sure the tip is accessible for writing. After you have attached the flowers, fill your pot or can with the filler beans and arrange the flowers in the pot. Give with a note pad or sticky notes for a cute gift to have next to the phone or in the kitchen for taking messages or writing notes.

Flowerpot Recipe Holder
(This has the same ides as the flowerpot penholders, but your use plaster or foam for the inside of the pot)

Supplie List:

�¯�¿�½Ceramic flowerpot or small empty can
�¯�¿�½Plaster or foam inserts
�¯�¿�½Silk flowers
�¯�¿�½Plastic fork or thick wire
�¯�¿�½Paint, cardstock other embellishments
�¯�¿�½Glue or adhesive
�¯�¿�½Recipe cards

The first step is to decorate your flowerpot by painting or using stickers, stamps and other decorations. If you are using the empty can then you should pre-cut your paper and decorate it before you attach it and cover your can. Insert the foam into your pot or can and arrange your flowers, then place the plastic fork in the middle of the arrangement facing upward so the prongs can hold the recipe card. If you want use the plaster you should pour it into the pot filling it about Ã?½ way and quickly arrange the flowers and then stick you plastic fork with prongs up into the middle of the arrangement hidden by the flowers but visible enough to use to hold the recipe card. You can decorate the pots in anyway you wish, use your imagination and make it unique. It might be special if you write Happy Mother’s Day and put the year on it so your mom can have a memory of that special mother’s day.

You can add this recipe and display it on your holder.

Recipe for Motherhood

1 Heart full of love
1 Head full of understanding
2 Eyes in the back of your head
3 Heaping cups of patience
1 Gallon of generosity
1 Barrel of laughter

Mix well. Sprinkle with kindness, add plenty of faith. Heat with sunshine and spread generously over a lifetime for a plateful of joy and a cup of warm memories.”

Framed Handprint for Mom


�¯�¿�½Water-soluble paint or ink
�¯�¿�½Heavy cardstock in white, cream or a light color
�¯�¿�½Picture frame
�¯�¿�½Stickers, markers, stamps, ribbon etc

The first step is to make a perfect hand print. Place the little hand in the paint of the ink make sure it is completely covered (if you are using paint make sure there are no drips). Place the hand firmly on the paper and press down being careful not to distort the print. Let the hand print dry completely and then decorate to your desire. Make a mate for the print; add a bow at the top and place in a picture frame. You might want to write the name of the child and the year at the bottom of the print for future reference.

Expensive gifts are not necessary for special occasions like Mother’s Day. Most moms will tell you the cherished and precious gifts are homemade gifts from their children. Thinking of mom on this day of celebrating motherhood is essential. Children using their creativity to make special items are the best part of Mother’s Day for moms in all places.

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