3 Breakfast Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is known for the big meal. Leading up to this one can get a little hungry so here are 3 breakfast ideas that will hold you over until the bigger meal later that day.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait
Try to be healthy with your food choices in the morning on Thanksgiving. This parfait is healthy and will hold you over.

Strawberries cut up in 4 pieces per strawberry
Raspberries cut in half
Blueberries cut in half
Fat free plain or vanilla yogurt

Find either a glass cup or dish that is deep enough to make a parfait. Cut up the strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries and mix them together into a bowl. Add a layer of yogurt to the bottom. The key to a great parfait is making even layers. Next sprinkle a little bit of granola onto the yogurt. After that add about an inch of the berry mixture and then sprinkle granola on top. Next add another layer of yogurt repeating the process of yogurt, granola, fruit, granola, yogurt, and so on. The top of the dish should be a full layer of yogurt with sprinkled granola on top with just one piece of each fruit on top. Serve cold and enjoy. You may also make these the night before and cover with saran wrap so you’ll have more time to spend on cooking the big meal later.

Fruit Salad
No need to go all out and have a “full” meal. Stick to just having fruit.


You can make this easily for just yourself or have multiples of each fruit to make for guest and family as well. Per serving you will want to cut up a whole banana, an apple, an orange, about 3 strawberries, and a handful of grapes. Mix them all together and there you go. Simple and easy and most of all healthy. The natural sugar will give you a boost to which will help you get through the day.

Turkey Pancakes
Don’t worry it’s not pancakes made out of turkey. Instead it’s pancakes (and fruit) shaped like turkeys. This will get you in the mood for Thanksgiving.

Pancake mix
Flax seeds

Make pancakes as usual with a round shape. Make a larger round pancake for the whole turkey body and then a smaller round pancake for the head of the turkey. Next take a banana and cut it in half and then cut it in half long ways so that you end up with flat looking pieces of banana. Take an apple and make thin wedges. Arrange the pancake onto the plate so that there are alternating pieces of apple and banana sticking out around the top part of the pancake. This will make the banana and apple look like turkey feathers. Next take the smaller pancake and put it onto the larger pancake, positioning it to look like a head. Next take flax seed and put 1 seed for each eye onto the smaller pancake and then take 3 flax seeds to make a smile below the eyes. This is a fun idea that kids will enjoy and with the added fruit and flax seed will made it more healthier than your standard pancakes.

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