3 Projects You Can Make Out of Old or Vintage Golf Clubs

I always find great old vintage golf clubs at the flea market. They are always in a terribly faded golf bag and they are never a whole set. It seems no one wants these golf clubs because they don’t know what to do with them. You can use vintage and old golf clubs to create a designer look in your home. They are perfect for the home office, bathroom, family room, and even the stairs. Here are some great DIY projects you can do around your home with vintage an old golf clubs. If you have a better half like mine who seems to be a golf club magnet you can use some of the golf clubs they don’t!

Bathroom Towel Bar

A vintage golf club makes a fabulous towel bar in the bathroom. They are easy to install and you don’t have to do any damage to the golf club. Install a curtain rod where you would normally hang your towel bar. Make sure you golf club will easily slide into this hardware. Measure from just before the handle on the golf club to just before the club head. This will tell you how far to space your curtain rod hooks. Lay your golf club in the hooks. If you are worried about the golf club slipping out buy curtain hardware that has that little screw built in. The kind that is meant to tighten to hold the curtain rod in place. These will hold a vintage golf club in place no matter how hard you pull on the towel!

Kitchen Pot Rack

A kitchen pot rack made out of a vintage golf club is perfect for the golf enthusiast in any home. Whether male or female, this is a great look!

Buy metal curtain rod hardware and use that to mount your vintage gold club. Follow the hanging instructions listed under Bathroom Towel Bar. Now, buy some S hooks at the hardware store. Hang the S hooks on the vintage golf club and you are ready to hang anything from utensils to pots.

This is also a great project for an entryway. You can hang coats and pocket books on the hooks instead of pots and pans.

Kitchen of Coffee Table Base

Measure your golf clubs from end to just before the club head. You will need to use golf clubs that are very close in length. Build a wooden base using the dimensions you just measured. Use 2X4’s and build a cube to table height and wide on each side as your golf club measurements.

Paint your wooden table cube out in a paint to match your home decor. You will be able to see it through the golf clubs.

Start on one side of the wooden cube and start attaching the golf clubs. You can attach them with plumbing attachments meant to hold pipes to the wall. Place the end of the golf club with the handle flush with the edge of the wood cube. Mount with the plumbing hardware. Let the head of the club stick out over the end of the cube. Start at the top of the side of the cube you are working on. Work your way down attaching golf club after golf club. You might find that each side will hold as many as 10 -12 vintage golf clubs.

Now, move onto the next side of the cube where the heads are hanging over. Mount the clubs on this side with the end of the handle flush with the first club heads. Continue this process around the entire cube. Top off with a thick piece of beveled glass.

This is a great DIY project for a home coffee table or side table in the bedroom.

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