35 Uses for a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are the best cleaning product to date. They truly work like magic erasing stains, spills, soap scum, and dirt. Simply wet the eraser with water and it is ready to use. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are safe on nearly all surfaces (they can “erase” some paint on walls though, so test a small area in a closet or other unnoticeable place before using on colored walls), yet, work so tough that you only need to add minimal elbow grease, and woolah, any surface can look brand new again. The erasers are reusable, and you can literally use them until they disappear.

Mr. Clean now supplies the public with a choice of three different types of erasers for varying needs. For average uses, there is the regular Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. For use on simple and more difficult jobs, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser DUO will work great. It provides users with an ordinary eraser on one side and a scrubbing pad on the reverse side. These are great to keep handy in the kitchen. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power is great for those extra hard jobs, especially outdoors.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are great for those out of the ordinary cleaning needs, like when your little ones draws a masterpiece on your living room wall. They are also great for everyday uses like keeping your bathroom sparkling clean. They work wonders during spring cleaning, both inside and outside the house. Use them to clean everything below and about anything else you can think of.

In The Kitchen

1. Countertops

2. Kitchen sink

3. Dishes

4. Coolers

5. Stovetop

6. Refrigerator exterior

7. Refrigerator interior

8. Oven exterior

9. Oven interior

10. Dishwasher exterior

11. Dishwasher interior

12. Cabinets

13. Kitchen hardware

14. Tile or linoleum flooring

15. Walls

In The Bathroom

16. Countertops

17. Bathroom sinks

18. Toilets

19. Showers / Bathtubs

20. Cabinets

21. Bathroom hardware

22. Tile or linoleum flooring

23. Walls

In the Rest of the House

24. Children’s toys

25. Walls

26. Doors

27. Doorknobs

28. Picture frames

Outdoor Use

29. Vehicle rims

30. Vehicle exterior

31. Vehicle interior

32. Decorative landscaping items

33. Bicycles

34. Aluminum siding

35. Patio Furniture

Enjoy using your Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Watch the magic as they make any stain or smudge disappear. Just be warned, once you start with an eraser, you will never want to stop.

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