The Columbus Wash Board Factory is the Last of Its Kind

The Columbus Washboard Factory is located in downtown Logan, Ohio. In the heart of the Hocking Hills. This is the last wash board factory in America. The Columbus Wash board factory produces washboards and sells them to date. Soldiers over seas receive them to help keep their uniforms clean also.

Logan is now the home to the worlds largest washboard . You can not miss it as it is mounted on the side of the factory. You can observe a working blacksmith, take a free tour of the factory and visit the gift shop . You can purchase your own wash board here. The weekend of Fathers Day in June Logan is the host to the annual wash board and music festival . The Washboard Fest offers free admission and entertainment. As well as rides, games and vendors. You can purchase local art, and browse the shops of downtown Logan.

The Washboard festival is a great family activity and draws thousands of visitors each year. Residents of Logan bring their ” dirty laundry” to be scrubbed and hung along the main street in a comical display.

For those of you who don’t exactly know what a washboard is let me elaborate. Before the invention of the washing machine people cleaned their laundry on a wash board. A wash board is a board with textured metal about two feet long that you scrub dirty laundry on. It is very primitive . A wash board would make a great gift for someone who collects country decor or country antiques.

The Wash board music fest is a great free event in downtown Logan , Ohio. Each year the festival improves and grows. Logan formerly celebrated the Nature Festival. After The Columbus Wash board factory moved to Logan with the help of Ms Jacqui Barnett Logan redesigned and renamed its annual summer festival.

Among local teenagers the wash board factory and festival seems to be a joke and possibly a sense of embarrassment.but these kids can not appreciate a desire to preserve the past. The Wash board Festival offers a variety of great food including deserts, Bourbon chicken and gyros. The local chapter of the Masonic Temple hosts a nightly fish fry that tends to sell out early in the evening.

The best feature of the washboard music festival is it is held on the main street of Logan. While enjoying the festival you can also take a walking tour of Logan.The musical entertainment normally includes country music and bluegrass. This draws a large crowd of older people. It is nice to see such a variety of people coming together each year for a few days to celebrate such an important piece of American History.

If you are visiting the Hocking Hills in June check out this unique factory and festival!

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