Terms Used About a Filterless Air Purifier

If you have thought about searching out information on air purifiers, you may have gotten overwhelmed at the amount of units on the market and which one is the best. The internet is a reliable and informative place to do your searching. You may want to consider a filterless air purifier as you will not have to replace the filters which can become costly. This could save you money in the long run. This article will explore some possible terms you may encounter as you research an air purifier and talk about a filterless air purifier and some of the different types out there.

If air purifiers are new to you then you will encounter some possible new words as well. For example, the word absorption means to soak up, to absorb. The word adsorption means to suck up or take in. You will notice the letters CADR on any filterless air purifier. This stands for clean air delivery rate and it was established by the Association of Home Appliances Manufacturing. It is similar to a UL sticker designed by Underwriters Laboratories. It categorizes the different air particles into three categories. The higher the number rating means the faster the filterless air purifier cleans. You will also notice CFM, this stands for cubic feet per minute and it is talking about the volume of clean air that is put back into the room.

The word filterless simply means it can be washed or wiped off. It does not mean it doesn’t use some type of filter system. A filterless air purifier can come in many different models and types. There are different ways to filter the air and still be a filterless air purifier. Hepa is a filter technology used quite frequently in air purifiers, but you need to understand that it is not a brand name, it refers actually to the filtering aspect. Ionic traps positive ions by adding more negative ions to the air. These units are designed to just wipe clean. There is also a filterless air purifier that uses ozone to clean the air. Ozone is unstable oxygen and it is not really safe to your health if used in too high levels. If you are thinking of purchasing an air purifier that uses ozone, make sure of the ozone levels it is using and that it will actually be safe for you to use.

No matter whether you are trying to get rid of dust, dust mites, pollen or tobacco smoke, there is a filterless air purifier out there that will fit your needs. All you have to do is spend a little time researching and you will be on the road to a cleaner, safer environment in which you can breathe easy.

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