Product Review of Kitchen Gourmet Toaster Broiler Oven

Go into the kitchen department of any retail outlet and you will find a variety of products and items offered by Kitchen Gourmet. Kitchen Gourmet items are very well priced and are pleasantly packaged. They offer everything from kitchenware utensils to small kitchen appliances. I was very impressed with all they offer, actually.

I was in need of a toaster oven and saw a Kitchen Gourmet Toaster Oven Broiler, item number 686713, for sale. It was in a colorful, well-described box. The color of the appliance is white, so it fit in with my kitchen decor. Plus, the price was fantastic. So, I bought it.

I got it home, took it out of the box, and was still impressed. The size is compact and fits nicely on my countertop. The size can fit two pieces of bread side-by-side. And, that is about as deep as the removable shelf is. The Kitchen Gourmet Toaster Oven Broiler also comes with an aluminum baking sheet that fits nicely inside the unit. The entire appliance is very pleasant to look at. To the eye it appears that this appliance can handle a variety of tasks easily.

Then, I plugged it in. The light toast setting does not toast at all. That toasting process about three minutes from beginning to end. The medium setting has the bread turning out like a stale piece of bread. The medium toasting process took about three to four minutes. And, the dark toaster setting has bread turning into a slightly crispy form of stale bread. The dark toasting process took about four minutes from beginning to end. So, I figured I would turn the toast control past the dark setting. After all, I just wanted a simple piece of toast. Two settings past dark, I was finally able to get some ‘toast’. It had two grill marks on one side, and brown on the other side. This process took five minutes to complete. Any setting further than this will result in burnt bread.

I wanted to see how the broiler unit worked in this brand-new Kitchen Gourmet kitchen appliance. So, I decided to broil a piece of fish. It took two hours at 350. This was for a 2-ounce piece of fish (which was not thick nor a large portion). In an average oven, the fish would have been cooked in 20 minutes tops.

This appliance does not have a removable crumb tray for cleaning. In order to clean this unit, you have to unplug it and turn it over a sink. Good thing it is lightweight.

I have not attempted to cook anything with the oven setting since, frankly, I do not trust it the appliance.

On the positive side, I notice that the Kitchen Gourmet Company has a money back guarantee. Therefore, I will put it to use.

I always hear that one gets what they pay for. That saying is especially true for this Kitchen Gourmet Toaster Oven Broiler.

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