Winter Landscaping Ideas

Winter landscaping is a lot of fun, we need to begin a few days early in order to get ready for Christmas, which occurs just a few days after the official start of winter. There’s a lot to do between December 22nd and December 25th, just to get the outside, the yard, looking right. Doing landscaping for the holidays may be dependent on our geographical location.

Those of us who live in Florida are able to plant plants such as holly, hardy poinsettias, mums, and other flora that will withstand a few light frosts, such as Norfolk pine trees.

Creating a rock garden or a sand garden is also a popular thing to do in the winter, no matter where in the sun belt our property is located. Bulbs that are traditionally planted during the autumn months may also be planted during the winter months. Many home improvement stores sell colorful sand, and beautifully colored glass pebbles that add to the attractiveness of an outdoor rock or sand garden. Placing the sand into patterns in glass jars, and planting cactus seeds in the jars helps to protect the tiny germinating plants from foraging wildlife. If you are living in the Sunbelt, planting seedlings year-round is possible and desirable, given a patio, porch, sun room or garage with “grow-lights”. Spectrum lights designed to facilitate plant growth, or “grow-lights” will help the property owner or renter get the best advantage of plant-growing time’s start in February.

If you are lucky enough to live in the Snowbelt, you can take advantage of all the snow, and the inherent opportunities that snow adds to temporary landscaping. This may sound a bit childish, however, making a snowman, a snow sculpture, or a snow house might be a lot of fun – especially if you have children! Don’t just shovel, sweep or snow-blow away the snow – enjoy the snow! Bring a camera along, as you might have something resultant from your efforts that is a worthy showpiece.

Other winter landscaping ideas include pruning deciduous trees and pruning evergreen trees. The sap flows more slowly on trees in the winter, and there is less yard material to place in the recycling bin or trash. If you are using a Christmas tree, consider trying one that you are able to plant in your backyard, such as a blue spruce. These are beautiful trees that add a touch of natural splendor to your yard.

Popcorn chains are an elegant way of decorating your yard that help feed wildlife, too. Adding a few popcorn chains to your bushes or trees gives a holiday touch to your outdoor property.

Bird houses and bird feeders are attractive ways of decorating your yard. The wintertime is a time when bird houses and bird feeders are necessary.

Lawn sculptures and solar powered lighting are attractive enough ways of making your yard or patio look unique. A few companies offer lawn sculptures that double as solar lights.

Adding compost/cardboard to garden areas is done well in the winter, as is purchasing that bag of top soil, and adding it to the garden. This helps to keep the weeds away, which makes gardening that much more easy to do in the spring.

Removing perennial weeds from your yard and gardens is easiest to do when they are dormant. The winter months give lots of opportunities for preparing for the spring.

Gathering pine cones is best done in the late fall or early winter. These are inexpensive and natural decorations for your yard that many people overlook. You might live near a wooded area where there are too many pinecones, which are aromatic as well as beautiful. Decorating the yard with pine cones gives your property a regional flavor.

No matter where you live in the United States of America, there are ways of decorating your outdoor areas in the winter.

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