4 Exceptional Alternatives to Safari for IOS

Although Safari for iOS is a great and very capable web browser, it is not the only one available. If you want something different, you are not limited to using Safari alone. There are tons of third party web browsers out there for iOS, some good and some not so good.

With so many different web browsers to choose from it can be difficult finding a good one. That is why in this article, I will list four alternatives to Safari for iOS that are just as good, and in some cases better, than Safari itself.

Dolphin is a free web browser for iOS that is both intuitive and fast, making it a great replacement for Safari.

Dolphin has tons of handy features such as the ability to create and assign custom gestures for bookmarks and navigation. For example, you can perform a gesture by drawing the letter “A” on your screen and have that gesture take you to Amazon.com every time you do it.

Apart from the nifty gesture feature, Dolphin also includes voice search, add-on support, and many more handy features.

Widely regarded as one of the best web browsers for desktop, Chrome is also available as an alternative to Safari for iOS. As it is very fast, responsive, and lightweight it has become one of the most popular web browsers available for iOS.

Chrome for iOS has everything you would expect from a modern mobile web browser. It has voice search, private browsing, and syncs with the desktop version to give you a unified experience no matter which version you are using.

Opera Mini
Easily one of the fastest mobile web browsers available, Opera Mini offers you an incredibly speedy web browser with a minimal, no frills user interface. While Opera Mini achieves this by sacrificing a lot of nifty features that other web browsers have, if all you want is a simple and fast web browser for your iOS device then look no further than Opera Mini.

At $1.99, iCab is the only web browser on this list that costs money, but if you want a mobile web browser that delivers a desktop-like experience then iCab is well worth the money.

The large list of iCab’s features includes tabbed browsing, URL-based adblock filtering, full screen mode, download manager, user-agent spoofing, file uploads, DropBoc support, and much more. If all you want is a simple, bloat-free web browser then you will want to stay away from iCab. However, if you see yourself wanting more features out of a web browser than most others offer, then iCab is what you’re looking for.

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