How to Save the Most Money on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a great time to shop. No lines, pushing or shoving from customers trying to get into the store before anyone else. By shopping online, you avoid the crowds, parking nightmare and missing the item you want. Items you purchase can be shipped to you or directly to the recipients in plenty of time for the holidays or for yourself. Here are hints to help you get the best electronic deals for Cyber Monday.

Tips For Shopping On Cyber Monday

Make a list of the electronic items you want to purchase; list the regular retail price next to each one. In addition, make a list of online retailers you normally purchase electronics from; list their prices for the items. Before shopping, do the following:

  • Ã?· Follow each business on Twitter, like each on Facebook and sign up for newsletters if the business has them. Special discounts or coupons are offered this way that are not offered to the general public newspapers or media. Check your list daily.
  • Ã?· Make a list of accessories for each electronic item. For example, laptops often need cooling pads, protective sleeves, headphones and so on.
  • Ã?· Browse other online retailer’s prices for the items you want. If a price seems too good to be true, pass it by.

Find Out Who Has The Best Sales For Electronics

Ask friends and family who works for your favorite local electronics retailers. Employees often know about specials before anyone else does. It will not hurt to ask if your friend or family member can take advantage of Cyber Monday using an employee discount. This may or may not be allowed by the company. The worst you can hear is no.

Study each business on your list and frequently look up your electronic shopping list. If prices change, note them next to the retail price.

If businesses offer electronic bundles, that is items with accessories included at a discounted price, research the price of each accessory to ensure the price is a good deal. Online retailers that may offer bundles include:

  • Ã?· Wal Mart
  • Ã?· Best Buy
  • Ã?· Target
  • Ã?· K Mart
  • Ã?· Amazon
  • Ã?·

What Electronics Should You Purchase On Cyber Monday?

Generally, you should save purchasing a TV until Superbowl Sunday. If a special bundle is offered, such as a TV set with a DVD player, stand and other accessories, this would be a good buy. Cameras and video cameras are often bundled with battery chargers, tripods, camera cases and extra SD cards. Laptops, notebooks and desktop PC’s are often bundled with protective sleeves, printers and cables. Home entertainment packages feature controllers, speakers and DVD players. Video games feature the main gaming console, special controllers, perhaps headphones and a few games. Other bundles could include:

  • Ã?· Phones
  • Ã?· iPads
  • Ã?· Tablets
  • Ã?· GPS and automotive electronics

While many brand name electronics will be on sale, the best deals may be found by looking at off-name brands; they work just as well as the name brands. Video games, cameras and electronics given as gifts are the most purchased electronics during the sales.

By shopping carefully, you will save money and fill your Christmas list with ease.

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