4 Strategies for Getting Great Cyber Monday Deals on Electronics

Cyber Monday is to introverted shoppers who would rather gnaw off an appendage than visit a crowded store what Black Friday is to consumers who see the process of standing in line and fighting the crowds as part of the destination. Finding the best electronics deals does not have to be complicated if you follow four simple strategies.

Visit Online Retailers with No Brick-and-Mortar Presence First

Although Cyber Monday is now being monopolized by a wide variety of retailers that did a brisk business at their various stores on Black Friday, the practice of offering killer deals to shoppers online originated with e-commerce businesses that did not have actual store locations. Amazon.com is the classic example of a venue that heavily invests in Cyber Monday deals. eBay is the other online retailer that is expected to offer great deals on electronics this Cyber Monday.

Show-rooming is an Acceptable Practice

Although the big-box electronics stores do not like it, remember that there is nothing wrong with taking a hands-on approach to shopping for a tablet or smartphone – even if you complete the sale online with a different merchant. Do not be afraid to ask questions of the sales staff, and be sure to take with you detailed information on the electronics that you are interested in buying on Cyber Monday. Having the information on hand makes it a lot easier to compare apples to apples when dealing with online retailers that bundle their merchandise.

Know the Hot Items

Cyber Monday is the day to check online retailers’ prices on highly desirable consumer electronics like laptop computers, digital cameras, smartphones and electronic toys. This is not the time for the big television sets and other large purchases. In 2013, the experts at the International Business Times foresee that tablets and Apple products are going to be the hot items to fly off virtual shelves.

Shop Manufacturer Sites as Well as Online Outlets

Granted, Amazon usually has great deals. But do you know what Panasonic is offering? There are currently free shipping offers as well as the opportunity to pay with PayPal’s Bill Me Later function if you buy from Panasonic. If money is tight, this deal might be better than an Amazon deal where you have to pay with a credit card and also cover shipping costs. Comparison-shopping on a manufacturer website is always a good idea. You learn about a product’s actual pricing and find out what accessories retail for. If a price at an online retailer is too low, you may be looking at a refurbished item that is not properly displayed. This is not usually the bargain you want.

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