Micro Innovations Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Review

Micro Innovations wireless keyboard and mouse combo is a cheap luxury, at a price of approximately 30 dollars. Micro Innovations products can be bought at your local Wal-Mart, or online at www.microinv.com . Micro Innovations products are also guaranteed for life, which is more than can be said about most things in today’s disposable economy.

The wireless design centers about a limited four-foot range from the wireless receiver. This is not a bad range however, since cords are not tying you down to certain sitting positions. This is most helpful for mouse control, especially for gamers and relaxed net surfing.

After installing the wireless software, the receiver cable is plugged into your choice of a) the mouse and USB connections or b) the mouse and keyboard connections by using an adapter. Either way works well, and it is nice to have the option of not using the USB for this item. The keyboard and mouse requires AA batteries, but batteries do not seem to run down very quick.

After connecting, the system must be synchronized in order to be used. Instructions for completing this step is wrote in two ways, one for each choice of hook-up options. However, it is not clearly defined for which option each instructional diagram goes with, but with a little effort is easy to finish anyway.

The wireless five button mouse is perfectly shaped to actually hold your whole hand weight. Persons with neurological diseases and conditions might find that there is less accidental clicking of buttons caused by jerking, since there is less strain on the hands, fingers and wrist.

The wireless keyboard has a sleek design and sixteen hot keys for almost everything. The only drawback I had found was that if the keyboard legs was open to provide a better tilt for typing, then it was too tall to slide under the desk when done. This could be a problem for some computer stands, but I doubt if it would be for a more expensive desk. The buttons are soft touch, which is important for some people.

Over all, Micro Innovations wireless keyboard and mouse is a great buy. When you take into consideration that many companies charge a small fortune for the wireless luxury, and the cost of a new optical mouse costs fifteen dollars and up, it would be irresponsible to buy anything else.

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