The LG UX5000 Camera Phone Review

With all the new cell phones available today, it is hard to make a decision on what is the right choice for you and your family. With some of the factors being the price, features, and the style of the phone and cell phone companies telling you we are the best. So many companies out there are always coming up with new and improved phones and designs, better features, and more capabilities. It seems as soon as you get used to a phone the companies quit making that specific model. The days of pagers and pay phones are long gone. Cell Phones are small computers now. You can do anything on certain cell phones that you can do on your personal computer or Laptop.

My cell phone is for personal use and keeping up with my family. I am a stay at home mom and it really helps when I am away from my children. I can relax everywhere I go, when they are not with me, because I know I can keep in touch with them. I have lived my entire life without a cell phone and now I go crazy if I leave it at home or in the car. You cannot go anywhere today without seeing someone talking on the phone. How on earth did we survive before cell phones? It is scary how dependent we have become on a cell phone, but we all love them. Technology has made our lives so much easier.

The LG UX5000 camera phone is a perfect choice if you need a simple cell phone with a sleek design. I had another model of the LG camera phone, which I wore out with my children’s help, and was given this phone as a replacement. I was very impressed with all the features and the ease of use. I am no expert when it comes to new technology; this phone is perfect for people like me.

This phone retails at 349.95 and comes with headset holster, ear bud, battery, and a wall charger. With the insurance, I carried on my other phone, I paid 50.00 for the LG UX5000, and you cannot beat that. The LG UX5000 has many features available; a VGA camera with flash and video capabilities, 65k color display, 40 ring tones, vibrate alert, and supports English and Spanish. This phone has all of the normal available features such as, speaker-phone, a 499-contact phone book, calendar, voice command with driving mode; the LG UX5000 has it all. You can also change the menu style, add banners, and voice train the phone to your voice for making calls when you cannot dial the number. It also has a lock to keep those little sticky fingers from making calls when you leave your phone unattended, but beware the phone will still dial emergency numbers when it is locked.

This phone is good for the general use of a cell phone; it does have on-line capabilities through the carrier I use, (US Cellular), for a fee. It is almost impossible to get ring tones downloaded to this phone from any other company; you have to use a data cable. I am not a pro at text messaging and I have yet to figure out how to send the pictures I take with the phone. The handy little flash can double as a great flash light. When I started checking out this phone, I thought it was a little plain looking, but when I bought the phone, I thought it was a very nice looking phone. Over all I am very pleased with the LG UX5000.

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