4 Turkey Carving Tools Every Thanksgiving Cook Needs This Year

Will you be in charge of cooking – and carving – the Thanksgiving turkey this year? Do you want the bird to look picture perfect rather than like something that came out of the cat’s food can? Our shopping guide to the four must-have turkey carving tools betters your odds of presenting the hungry family (and in-laws) with something you can be proud of.

J.K. Adams Co.: Pour Spout Carving Board

Do you remember last year spending a good bit of time chasing the slippery bird around the cutting board? Did you have to – in the privacy of your kitchen – wedge the greasy bird between you and the wall to keep it from sliding off the cutting board? If you want to avoid reliving this memory, buy a pour spout carving board. Made from maple, this board directs flowing juices away from the bird. An indentation in the middle holds the Thanksgiving turkey securely in place. A 24 inch by 16 inch board retails for about $85. It is worth every penny.

Korin: Boning Knife

Cutting around the bones of a turkey can be tricky. This is particularly true when you are dealing with the old knives that you have been sending for rides in the dishwasher (a major no-no!). Korin is famous for its Japanese knives and Western-style cutlery that is so thin that it easily slips between the bones and the meat for precision cuts. The blade is a comfortable 5.3 inches in length, which is perfect for the job. Yes, it is expensive. Expect to spend about $250 for this knife. If you spend this much money on a knife, be sure to also get the sharpening tool.

Williams-Sonoma: J.A. Henckels Zwilling Two-piece Carving Set

Zwilling has been making knives in Germany’s Solingen since 1731. Williams-Sonoma is an authorized retailer for the brand. The chef’s knife features an eight-inch blade and a five-inch handle. The fork’s tines are slightly shorter than the knife’s blade. Keep the blade properly sharpened; maintain control of the turkey with the fork, and you should have little trouble cutting picture-perfect slices. This set retails for about $150.

Meijer: Black and Decker Slice Right Electric Knife

If you simply cannot be bothered to spend a few hundred dollars on cutlery or do the turkey carving with elegant flourish at the table, spend $18 for a Black and Decker electric knife. A seven-inch blade does the cutting while a non-slip handle protects against accidental carnage at the table. This is a multi-tasker that slices bread as easily as it cuts meat and poultry.

Choose from this turkey carving tools shopping guide to make Thanksgiving memorable for all the right reasons: great food, fun and attractively carved meat.

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